photographer’s storyboards | product sneak peek

Due to some demand, I have packaged up my cake smash storyboard as a layered .psd template for fellow photogs. :) This, along with two other storyboards will be available for sale this Friday. Stay tuned!

I am going to be giving one lucky photographer on each of my Facebook pages a set of these storyboards later this week. Make sure to like both pages for your chance to win!

Gina Rae Miller Photography –  Gina Miller Designs

Look for the cake smash board on either page and TAG YOURSELF IN IT!

Want an extra chance at winning? “Like” this Blog entry (scroll to the bottom of that link and you’ll see a button toward the left) and leave a comment (you must do both). I’ll choose someone from the comment field who will snag a set too!

Have a great day!






15 responses to “photographer’s storyboards | product sneak peek”

  1. Suzanne Bauer Avatar
    Suzanne Bauer

    These are so never stop creating!! thx

  2. Danielle Kloap Avatar

    I LOVE this storyboard! And I liked the blog post :)

  3. Angela Aman Avatar

    I love these storyboards! I have been looking for something like these for a while!

  4. Natalie Smith Avatar
    Natalie Smith

    LOVE THESE!!! :)

  5. Elaine Avatar

    Love these. Liked the post on FB and tagged the picture. Great giveaway, thank you.

  6. Patricia Cardran Avatar

    Love these…very cute!! Would love to win. ~PLC Photography

  7. angela freeman Avatar
    angela freeman

    Love your storyboards!!

  8. Angel Avatar

    Love your storyboards!

  9. Mary Ann Fifield Avatar
    Mary Ann Fifield

    I love these Storyboards! I was trying to make one the other day and just don’t have the patience!

  10. stephanie williams Avatar

    Love the storyboards! They are so cute! Would love to win these! Tagged myself on both of your pages, which I had already liked :)
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  11. Renee Lewis Avatar
    Renee Lewis

    Hey Gina…Love your storyboards! You are so talented. It seems everything you touch turns to Gold. lol. I also wanted to ask you what lighting you use and how do you get your skin color so perfect and smoothe. I have trouble with wb. Thanks Renee~~~SimplyUPhotography.

  12. Wendy King Avatar
    Wendy King

    I have no idea how you did this! They are OUTSTANDING!

  13. Renee Avatar

    Just want I am looking for!!! “liked” this post at FB (Danielle Renee Kirk) =)

  14. Sherry Bluemel Avatar

    I love templates, and yours are really, really cute!!

  15. Anna Glick Turner Avatar

    Awesome work liked this as well as your two pages

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