my funny valentines | valentine’s day 2011

55 degrees & sunny outside today – what a perfect day! We started our morning with a big Valentine-themed breakfast: lots of pink! And before you think I create big breakfasts on school mornings as a norm, let me assure you most mornings it’s either cold cereal or oatmeal.

We had pink waffles, heart-shaped apple slices with strawberry yogurt for dipping, heart-shaped toast bites with strawberry jam on top, strawberries and strawberry milk. Like I said, lots of pink on the table! The kids thought it was pretty cool. Packed lunches for school were large heart-shaped peanut butter & jellies, mini chocolate chip cookies, red grapes, teeny tiny heart-shaped cantaloupe bites and a piece of Valentine chocolate. ; )  After-school snack (in about 15 minutes! Where has my day gone?) is strawberry ice cream with sprinkles.  Dinner is pizza for the kids since Vin & I are going out.  Did anyone else serve any fun foods today?

I woke to drawings of hearts and “I love you’s” on my pillow. <3 The kids woke to find their gifts by their seats at the breakfast table. Books (Diary of a Wimpy Kid for Emily, Stink: The Incredible Shrinking Kid for Andrew and Olivia the Magnificent for Gracie), stickers and iPhones.  =P

Before you think my husband and I have lost our ever-loving minds, please take another look at the “phones”.  ; )  They’re wrapped Hershey bars. So cute right? The kids got a kick out of them. Gracie especially loved seeing herself as an app. You can find the printable template right here.

I went to help at Andrew’s class party today. It was really cute. Everything was once again red & pink. We served mini bagels with strawberry cream cheese, strawberries & red grapes, heart-shaped cookies and had a strawberry sherbert station with assorted toppings.

Yesterday, the kids and I sat around doing a little cleaning and a lot of movie-watching. I figured I would get a trio picture done so I wouldn’t have to worry about it today. Love these squishy little people. <3 x three!

And lastly, some pictures of Gracie’s recent paintings that I’ve been meaning to Blog. She painted these on January 31st. We kept one (the one matted on pink glitter as per the artist’s request) and she gave the other to Grandma.







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