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I asked Grace if she wanted to take some pictures this afternoon. She’s always happy to. The payment: lollipops. I’m good with that.

She’s wearing her older sister’s 1st pair of ballet slippers. <3

(last image’s composition inspired by French photographer *toutpetitpixel*)

Things I am happy about today & looking forward to this weekend:

-Of course, the mini spur-of-the-moment photo session I did with Gracie this afternoon. So happy with those images. :)

-The kids’ Lip Sync show tonight. Between both older kids, we had practices & rehearsals 4 / 5 nights this week! Looking forward to their big show (and honestly, being done with Lip Sync for the year).

-I Netflixed The Neverending Story. We promised the kids a late-night movie tonight if everyone remains on their best behavior.

-I lost five pounds this week! I count WW points & do the C25K runs. The scale was definitely my best friend this morning. Not my best friend last Saturday. I went to a walk-in clinic because I had a really scratchy throat & ears. They wanted to weigh me so I told the nurse “Ok, but please don’t tell me what it says”. Lame, I know. But I knew I ate too many sweets over the holidays and I wasn’t quite at the point where I felt like getting them off. Anyway, I stood on the scale with my eyes closed like a dork… and then when I stepped off, the nurse announced my weight to me anyway. LOL Oh well. It was the push I needed I guess.

-Fiber One Blueberry Muffin mix – then I add in fresh blueberries. So moist and filling ~ the perfect breakfast or snack.

Double-napping. Grace and I lay in my bed every day around 1 and read books until we fall asleep. Her two favorites this week are Aliens Love Underpants (humor she shares with her older brother) and Froggy’s Best Christmas. In fact, I see there are more Froggy books so I think I’ll place an Amazon order before the day ends. I’ve also been wanting to pick up more chapter books for the kids in their favorite series since they’ve been voracious little readers this past week.

I am having a bagel breakfast here tomorrow for my sister-in-law, her sister and our 6 kids. Should be chaotic and cute.

A relaxing Sunday in.

Date-night Monday!

TGIF! Enjoy!

REGARDING CAKE SMASH SESSIONS: In case you saw my last Blog entry or Facebook post, I did book the sessions I was looking for. :) Thanks to all who expressed interest. I still have a few e-mails to return. I will also have an information sheet available via e-mail if you wish to inquire about booking your own smash shoot! It will be LOTS of fun (messy too!)




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