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My daughter made her second sacrament today: First Holy Confession (Sacrament of Penance). The first was of course her Baptism when she was 2 1/2 months old. Next-up is her big First Holy Communion in May! We’re going to start dress shopping soon. And I’m going to be offering Communion mini sessions of course. :) I do already have some booked but I’ll have some ‘official’ info on those soon for anyone else who may still be interested.

I didn’t take any pictures in the Church today during the ceremony but I did get quite a few headshots of my little stunner once we got home (and some grandparent shots after the ceremony wrapped). I think it’s safe to say Emily had a great day. After Church, we had lunch in town with my parents, dropped her brother off at a birthday party and then when Grace napped, her and her father went outside and built The World’s Largest Snowman. (Ok maybe he’s not that big but he’s the biggest that’s ever taken up residence on our front lawn).

The Priest gave her this pin after her confession. It says “Forgiveness Heals & Renews”.

Right now it’s 10pm and I am listening to all 3 of my kids giggle and crack jokes (they can sleep together on non-school nights. It’s like Mission Impossible to get everyone to sleep when they’re all in the same room). Emily just announced “I set my alarm for 7 o’clock!” Ugh. Tomorrow is Sunday. Who thought buying this kid an alarm clock was a good idea?

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend! Here’s to sleeping-in tomorrow. :)






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  1. Rocio Avatar

    Congratulations for this big event!! She ´s so cute and looks really happy!!

  2. Aunt Lorraine Avatar
    Aunt Lorraine


  3. Lizbeth M Avatar
    Lizbeth M

    Hey Gina!! I’ve been missing for a while but Im glad to be back on board! Emily looks so grown up!! Where did you get her headband it’s very cute!!!

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