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I love, love, love my newborn sessions. How fortunate that my very first client of 2011 was one. :) She was such  cute little thing too. We did lots of “wardrobe” changes and ended up with many cute shots.

Meet sweet little Emma:

Isn’t her headband gorgeous?

I usually start my newborn sessions with the babies fully clothed and we work our way down to just diapers or less. So we started with these cute shots. Lovin’ the bellbottoms!

Check out these toes!

I picked up a colorful new shaggy rug right before my shoot. I just love these things! They have such great texture and photography nicely. I use navy blue on my baby boys, a mix of bubblegum pinks on my girls and now this sweet rainbow one. Would love to get my hands on apple green and a bright orange!

Mom had this pretty tutu waiting when I arrived. Tutus are usually huge on the newborns but we can tuck fabric here and there and no one is the wiser. ;)

Ok so Emma wasn’t exactly thrilled in that shot but I still think it turned out pretty.

Can you stand another tiny toes shot? I just love how fancy her bitty little legs look here. :)

A couple of assorted shots:

Snug as a bug in a rug.

Emma and a cute little miniature blankie that had her name embroidered on it.

Quite the lady! Look at those long, crossed legs. :)

A close-up of the little stunner.

One of my favorites. Mom was surprised that Emma was awake the whole time (a nearly 2 hour shoot!) She really wanted some sleeping baby shots. Emma was getting tired of my camera, FAST, towards the end. I managed to get a shot of her looking completely wiped out on Mom’s shoulder and it was just what we were looking for!

So sweet!

Here’s a close-up of a little teeny, tiny hand resting on Mom’s arm. <3

Thanks soooo much for having me over Marissa! Your house is beautiful ~ I would die to photograph my kids in front of those windows all day long! Your complete gallery will be up tomorrow. Enjoy the peeks posted here!






4 responses to “baby emma | long island newborn photographer”

  1. Heather M Avatar

    <3 that baby Gina! Love your props too :)

  2. Brian Avatar

    Zoe (the featured Malti-poo dog) is so pretty. She is Emma’s big sister and loves to protect her!

  3. Jennifer Woodbury Avatar
    Jennifer Woodbury

    So sweet!!

  4. Sussell Avatar

    What sweet little girl. You did a lovely job capturing her sweetness. Congrats to the new parents.

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