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My sister-in-law gave birth to my very first nephew this morning, a little bundle of love named Dominic.

Isn’t he cute? His first official photoshoot isn’t until I visit him tomorrow morning. =P  I couldn’t resist sneaking this one through the nursery window today. I know, I know… I probably broke like 83 HIPAA laws. I promise no other babies were harmed in the taking of this flash-less photo. He was the only one in the nursery at the time.

Pictures like the one posted top-right are the reason you can constantly find a camera around my neck. I caught my brother and all of his friends smiling over Dominic’s very first photos after he was born. A great candid photo makes me ridiculously happy. I am so happy to take these sorts of photos for others but at the same time, darn. I wish someone would be around to take them for me!

top-left: my father, patiently awaiting the arrival of his second grandson (his first name is Dominic’s middle name).

top-middle: a cute balloon tied to some blue & gold flowers (town colors) brought in by friends.

bottom-left: me and both of my “little” brothers. Andrew is an X-ray Tech so he came dressed in work scrubs. We kept joking that he should just say “Hello doctor” and walk right into the operating room to assist in the C-section.

bottom-right: proud new Dad showing off little son’s footprints.

Welcome to the world Dominic! The kids already can’t wait to have you over for craft days and sleepovers!






7 responses to “brand new | dominic raymond”

  1. Kari Hentzelt Avatar
    Kari Hentzelt

    That candid is spectacular! And little Dominic is so flippin’ cute!

  2. Angela Avatar

    He is so beautiful! I know how excited you are because I have three nephews. :) Congrats to your whole family!
    BTW, are those frames yours? I want them. (LOL)

  3. Karin Avatar

    I absolutely loved these. That is an awesome-quality photo for a through-the-nursery-window shot. He looks like a little beauty–and so alert! And the candid of all “the boys” grinning and ooohing and ahhhing over the photo–priceless!

  4. Sharon Avatar

    I can’t believe how old he looks – he’s looking right at the camera already! What a cutie!

  5. Laura Avatar

    Awww! Congratulations!! He’s adorable and he looks so alert already, almost like he’s about to smile!

  6. Donna Avatar

    Congratulations Aunt Gina!! Congratulations to Matt and Danielle!!!
    Dominic is Absolutely Beautiful.
    I love the candid moments

  7. Silvia Avatar

    Aww, he was born on the same day as my ten yr. old son! Congratulations! Ugh, I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve stopped by to take a peek at your site!

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