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It’s been some time since I’ve shared a photoshoot. I was very, very busy with them pretty much every weekend in October and November but rarely found the time to Blog them. Many times it was just easier not to since some families {understandably} didn’t want their photos shared before cards went out and keeping track of who wanted what was no easy task.

I stopped taking clients on December 1st just to free up my month and have time to bake, craft and play with my own kids. The one exception? Newborns. There is no way I am turning down a scrumptious newborn.

This is how I spent my Monday afternoon. I was even served coffee during my shoot (which was so relaxed and laid back to begin with) so really, does it get any better than this?

Meet Mia.

What a doll! She was 5 days old yesterday. I got some beautiful red tutu pictures as well for her announcement / Christmas card but in the interest of keeping myself moving right along here, I am just sharing the one photo.

This afternoon I am going to see my teeny nephew and hopefully get some photos of him for another combo announcement / Christmas card. Later in the day, someone else will be behind the lens photographing my girls. They were asked by a costume company to come in for a shoot and may just appear on a Halloween costume display next Fall. Fingers crossed for them.

Have a great Tuesday!






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  1. Emily Krbec Avatar

    Awesome. I think this is one of my favourite newborn photos ever. Just magical

  2. Tiff Avatar


  3. Donna Kunzig Avatar
    Donna Kunzig

    Thank God for sending us one of his Angels! Mia is beautiful! xoxox

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