a week of instagraming | …& other app fun

A little over a week ago I noticed one of my iPhone friends sharing pics via an app called Instagram. Of course, I had to check it out. And so I did. And I liked what I saw. It’s simple. It’s artsy. It’s free.

Basically, it’s a fun little photo-sharing app with quick, ridiculously easy to use filters. You end up sharing in a feed where you can comment or “heart” friend’s photos. You can also further upload to Facebook, Twitter, etc. And since I’m a chronic over-sharer, this pleases me.

Here is a quick overview at the last ten days or so in my world.

1st row: (1) Getting ready to make fudge. (2) Reindeer cupcakes I made for Emily’s Brownie troop. (3) Mushrooms I was getting ready to stuff on Christmas Eve. (4) Aforementioned mushrooms, stuffed.

2nd row: (1) Pasta, two ways (Christmas Eve). (2) The lone cookie the kids left for Santa (thank God because it was pretty stale. Santa told me).  (3) The 3 Miller kiddies at our favorite Christmas house. (4) Tree!

3rd row: (1) Andrew and I made watermelon bubblegum during the blizzard (and found out why they say to only use disposable cups for mixing). (2) White-out! (3) Cutie pie Gracie refusing to take a nap. (4) Instead of napping, she decided to show off her doll collection.

4th row: (1) Netflix via the Wii! Very cool. (2) Chocolate dough that I added Starbucks VIA to. Phenom. (3) Emmie Pie and me. (4) Em’s cool new iPod speaker that changes color.

Many of those images are relatively unimportant bits to my day that normally, I would never bother photographing and sharing with my Nikon. Too much effort. But this app makes it so easy. I highly, highly recommend it!

I love hearing what my fellow iPhone/Pod/Pad friends are loving in the app store these days. Have you found anything new and exciting you or your kids just love? It seems new stuff pops up every single day! In my travels, I stumbled upon this linkable list comprised of 50 of the BEST kid-friendly apps. I foresee lots of new stuff being downloaded today. :)

On my main screen, I have things that are the most useful to me. Aside from e-mail, my phone and my music, that would be texts, my basic camera and photo album, Facebook (duh!), Google (since I can’t stand the Safari browser), my contacts, weather, calendar, notes, clock, Us Weekly (yes this is important! How else am I going to keep up on my celebrity gossip?!), Pulse News Reader (this is a fun news reader; check it out!), Newsday (local news source) and iP (if you’re a female, you’ll want to check this out. If not, moving right along).

Other apps I use but not daily include FlickR, Starbucks, Fandango, IMDb (super-helpful when I am laying in bed watching a D-list Lifetime movie and just cannot place the face I am looking at), Netflix, AllRecipes (cool dinner spinner), our banking (notice how I don’t have this listed as a necessity. Ha!), Medscape (because sometimes it’s fun to play doctor) and a running program which yes, should really be a resolution of mine. The app has seen better days.

And then of course, there are the games. I’m not a huge gamer but they are nice to have when your kids steal your computer or you’re in your room pretending to fold the laundry.


Here’s what I currently like:

Words With Friends = fun! Do you play? I’m GinaRae8 on there. I also play Scrabble but don’t find it as fun. I like the board and the fatter tiles on WWF. 

Awesome Solitaire is really called that. I didn’t just decide to call it awesome. =P  It’s actually one of Vin’s favorite games. He wins, then gloats, then shows me his screen as he forces me to watch it rain cards. Yes, Solitaire is Solitaire but the graphics with this app are better than any others I’ve used.

FarmVille is a little annoying because it’s very graphics-intense and farms usually take forever and a day to load, but I’m all for animals only iPhone users can grab. :D

And I have a new obsession with Pictureka! It’s bizarrely addicting. Half of the doodles I can’t even decipher yet I keep playing. It’s a good time waster if I’m taking a break from any of the previously mentioned games or Bejeweled Blitz. I have a method to my madness when it comes to Bejeweled (a word that is quite annoying to keep typing, fyi). I get the highest score I possibly can (over 450,000 last week, thank you very much) and then quit playing if it’s getting too close to Tuesday. Pretty much I don’t play past Friday. Why? Because they clear the leaderboards on a Tuesday and there’s no way I am going to get my highest score on a Monday night only to see it deleted the following afternoon. The horrors!

Here’s what the kids currently like:

Their favorite games change weekly but as of late, they’ve been playing lots of KidCalc, CakeDoodle (baking without the mess? This is actually lots of fun for them), LEGO Harry Potter (ok this is just Andrew and it’s the one reason he was praying Santa would bring him an iPod!) and Preschool Adventure, which is a new favorite of Grace’s.

Before I go, I just realized I took a screenshot of a cake Gracie made last night on my phone. Personally, I’m not sure she put enough reindeer and grooms on there. Lots of men, one lone pig and not a bride in sight.

Don’t forget to share your iPhone app suggestions here for us Apple-y peeps. Happy app-ing!






4 responses to “a week of instagraming | …& other app fun”

  1. terra @ terratalking Avatar

    Ok I know you are like ridiculously insane and perfectionist about things like “downloading pictures” and “organizing them” – but HOWWWWW did you get your instagrams all cutesy like that?!?!? i am jealous and want to copy. I mean….”scraplift” (bloglift?) your idea.
    Also – your phone organization makes my head hurt. But i do love that your banking is on like your last page of rankings.

    You can make your instagram camera your main camera. Or Hipstamatic. Or Retro Camera. It’s easier than waiting for the app to load if you are trying to snap a quick pic.

    i have nothing of further importance to add so i’ll shut up here.

    1. Gina Avatar

      I can?! Tell me how! :D

      I just grabbed screenshots of each Instagram and arranged them in PS for the spread. ;)

      Hope all is well my friend. xo!

  2. Melissa Ives Avatar
    Melissa Ives

    That instagram app is awesome. I don’t have it yet because I won’t have an iphone until June, but I think it would be a pretty easy way to do a P365.

    My most used apps are Just Light (quite simply a white screen that I use on nightly kid checks), Cozi for organization, Kindle app to read when I don’t have my Kindle, and aNote for lists. I can’t live without Bejeweled Blitz and Monopoly (the latter I just picked up during the .99 sale.) I hear you on Bejeweled though…I got my highest score ever on a Monday night only to have it wiped out the next day. :P

    I also use the Starbucks mobile card app to keep myself in lattes and cappuccinos.

    If I lost my iPod…I would seriously be lost.

  3. Lauren Avatar

    I hear you on the FV app. I still can’t get gifting to work though, I want the tree!

    My most used apps are UK based, but it may help others reading:
    Tesco (supermarket) – Brilliant. Do half my shopping here.
    Tube Deluxe – Best London Underground status app I’ve tried.
    BTFON – For picking up wireless signal, which is free if you’re a BT broadband customer
    MetroUK – Really well done newspaper app, use this instead of picking up the paper

    A few more general ones:
    Awesome Note – Notes, to do lists, etc. Love the to do since you can check them off.
    MoneyBook – Expense tracking. Good, but I should use it more, lol
    Dropbox – I use this for transferring pics/files to the PC, can’t be bothered syncing.
    Calendar – Just the basic built in app. Use this for setting event alerts.
    Stripey Lines – Like Red Laser, but better. ;-)

    And for fun… Cut the Rope!

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