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**ETA: 11/12: giveaway is now closed and a winner will be posted soon!**

A sweet new lens, an Epiphanie bag, a Broadway show & new boots equals a happy birthday weekend. It also included a few new Yankee tarts, a cute top, new jeans and the cutest most comfiest scrunchy gloves that Vin thinks are absolutely hideous. They look like leg warmers for your arms and I can’t wait to wear them all Winter in his presence, just on principle.

This morning I woke up to three neatly wrapped packages of homemade drawings from my kiddies. <3 They did such a great job on them! Grace drew me a fish, Andrew drew me and him holding hands and Emily drew the whole family. She also helped each kid mat their work and hopped on my MAC this morning and typed little labels for everyone’s package. The best part were the cards. In one, Emily wished that I would have “great cake and get my new lens” In another, I almost cried.

Dear Mom,

I hope your birthday is filled with joy. I love you as always. You know that. I love you.

Emily (signed in the neatest, girliest little kid script)

Tonight we’re having a family dinner at Olive Garden and I promised Andrew that yes, he could wear his black velour blazer to the restaurant (he already wore his tie to school in honor of my special day).

I suppose, maybe, just maybe turning 30 isn’t so terrible.

Now how about a present for one of YOU? This Blog is generous like that.

My friend Meredith is the owner of Everyday Keepsakes, a wonderful shop specializing in handmade jewelry.

A little bit about Everyday Keepsakes…

Hi! I’m Meredith Fenwick, owner and designer here at Everyday Keepsakes. I started making jewelry in September of 2008 and opened my Etsy shop selling handmade jewelry pieces in January of 2009. Originally, I mostly made and sold gemstone and crystal jewelry. As the business grew, I wanted to work more with custom and personalized pieces. Also a graphic designer, I began designing and making my own fine silver charms and selling those through my Etsy shop. Combining two of my favorite things – cool design and sparkly stuff, this was finally the thing that I had been looking for as a business. In October of 2010, Everyday Keepsakes opens its virtual doors and the new adventure begins.

I am wearing one of her monogram necklaces now and I just love it (I am also sort of loving the brag tag necklace she made for herself with her sons’ names on it (top-right)).  Meredith mixed a whole bunch of ideas with mine and it turned out very eclectic – just the way I like it. : ) My round mom charm is shiny while my rectangle ‘g’ monogram is oxidized. There’s also a little pearl droplet hanging down. Isn’t it pretty?

So how does this tie in to today’s Blog entry? Simple. Meredith is giving away a $50 gift certificate to one of my readers! Isn’t that awesome? You can get something for yourself or even use it to purchase a special gift for someone else now that the holidays are fast approaching.

How can you grab an entry or two?

– Make sure you are a fan of GinaRaeMillerPhotography on Facebook by clicking HERE. (one entry)

– Make sure you are a fan of Everyday Keepsakes on Facebook by clicking HERE. (one entry)

– Facebook about this giveaway by using the direct link HERE. (one entry, can be done daily)

– Blog about this giveaway by using the direct link HERE. (one entry, can be done daily)

This giveaway will run from Monday through Thursday so if you do all of the above each day, you can get a max of TEN entries. Leave a separate comment to this Blog entry for every task you complete.

Have a lovely day!







39 responses to “my 30th | a giveaway for you”

  1. Melissa Avatar

    Sounds like a very happy birthday to me!

    I’m a FB fan.

  2. Melissa Avatar

    I’m a FB Everyday Keepsakes fan.

  3. Cheryl Peacock Avatar

    Already a fan of your photog fb page… love the inspiration I get from there…

  4. Cheryl Peacock Avatar

    Now a fan of Everyday Keepsakes.. and oh my you enabler you I just found a great gift idea for a girlfriend!

  5. Cheryl Peacock Avatar

    and I just facebooked your competition…

    Wishing you a very happy birthday Gina…

  6. Laura Avatar

    I’m already a fan of yours!

  7. Laura Avatar

    I also became a fan of Meredith! Loved her designs, didn’t realize she was designing jewelry

  8. Christine Cook Avatar
    Christine Cook

    Happy Birthday Gina!!!!

    I used to follow your old blog for years and I’m so happy I found your new one last week. I had no idea you had a new member in the family, Grace is gorgeous!!

    Fans of you and Meredith on Facebook and I also shared the link.

    Hope your day continues to be great. :)

    aka LeXiee

  9. Melissa Ives Avatar

    Happy Birthday. :)

    I’m a fan of your photography page.

  10. Melissa Ives Avatar

    I’m a fan of Everyday Keepsakes also. (And I signed up for her newsletter too!) :)

  11. Lisa R. Avatar

    I’m a fan of GinaRaeMillerPhotography on Facebook!

  12. Lisa R. Avatar

    I’m a fan of EveryDayKeepsakes on Facebook. (and thanks for the link G, she’s awesome…I konw where to send hubby for a few cmas gifts)

  13. Lisa R. Avatar

    I put this contest up on Facebook! :)

  14. knmkendall Avatar

    I like GMD on Facebook.

  15. knmkendall Avatar

    I like Gina Rae Miller Photography on Facebook.

  16. knmkendall Avatar

    I like Everyday Keepsakes on Facebook.

  17. Donna Avatar

    Happy Birthday Gina!!!
    You have been in my thoughts all day. As cheesy as this sounds, I was driving to work… and I said Happy Birthday Gina… So I was sending good birthday wishes your way. :)So, since I have been 30 for 48 hours… let me just say…. it’s not that bad ; ) I hope that this year is the best year yet. I love Emily’s note to you. So sweet!!! I love that Andrew wanted to dress up in your Honor. ( It just once again proves how awesome those Miller Kids are!)
    Happy Happy Birthday!!!

  18. Carolyn K Avatar
    Carolyn K

    I’m a fan of everyday keepsakes on FB!

  19. Melanie Catalano Avatar
    Melanie Catalano

    Love this! And love GRM photography! :)

  20. Melanie Catalano Avatar
    Melanie Catalano

    I’m a fan of Gina Rae Miller Photography and Everyday Keepsakes on FB!

  21. Melanie Catalano Avatar
    Melanie Catalano

    Shared your give away. again :)!

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  23. Kristine Avatar

    The jewellry is gorgeous!!! Thank you for a chance to win something!

  24. Melanie Catalano Avatar
    Melanie Catalano

    shared!!! again!!! lol

  25. Michelle Adams Avatar

    Meredith’s stuff ROCKs! Yay! Thanks for the chance!

    FB fan of GRMPhotography…

  26. Michelle Adams Avatar

    Thanks for another chance!

    FB fan of EDKeepsakes…

  27. Michelle Adams Avatar

    Shared on FB (tagged both GRMP & EDK in post).
    Thanks again for the chance!!!!!

  28. Cindy Avatar


  29. Jen S. Avatar
    Jen S.

    Fan of GRM on FB!

  30. Jen S. Avatar
    Jen S.

    Fan of EDK on FB!

  31. Jen S. Avatar
    Jen S.

    Shared on FB!

  32. grannymike Avatar

    I’m definitely a fan of GinaRaeMillerPhotography. Thanks for the nice giveaway

  33. grannymike Avatar

    I’m also a fan of Everyday Keepsakes. Thanks again.

  34. stampin_rachel Avatar

    I am a fan of yours on FB!

  35. stampin_rachel Avatar

    I am a fan of Everyday Keepsakes on FB!

  36. stampin_rachel Avatar

    I posted the giveaway on FB

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