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Every year I try to find new and different toys for my kids to open up under the tree. One year  I Santa got them this awesome puppet theater. That gift was a big hit (and Santa left it set-up under the tree with a basket of puppets). Another year I got Andrew an authentic Thomas the Train table and tons of trains. He rarely played with it.  There was also a time when Emily found a complete Calico Critters house, furniture & family set under the tree. I think she was a little too young to really appreciate the small figures but I have to say that 4 years later, this sticker-covered, furniture-less house still gets played with weekly. At any given time it finds Lego men or Little People residing in it.

Andrew is very easy to shop for. Grace is about the same. Emily has always been very difficult because she does not like toys and what kid wants to wake up to boxes of clothes on Christmas morning? She does love crafts and anything teacher-like (yesterday I read to her class and her teacher said “I think Emily would like my job”) and I was very happy that my favorite family magazine, Family Fun, had a list of toy ideas for the 2010 holiday season. That paired with some internet browsing and I found a few nice ideas for Christmas gifts. I figured I would share a few here so you can see what the Miller children will find under their tree this year and maybe give you some ideas for your own crew.

pictured clockwise starting top-leftYarn Assortment & Knitting Basket (ages 8-12), Make Your Own Fairyland (ages 8-15), Felt Picnic (ages 7 & up; they also have Felt Sweets) and Little Librarian (ages 4-10).

Emily loves crafts so I was pretty happy to find a bunch of different kits geared towards ages 7/8 & up. The librarian set we saw featured in Family Fun and she’s most excited to add that to the top of her Christmas list.

pictured clockwise starting top-left: LEGO Creationary Game (ages 7 & up), Playmobil Take Along Puppet Theater (ages 4 to 9) and Paper Jamz Drums (ages 8 & up; he already has a guitar and loves it).

Santa usually brings something Playmobil to our house ever year. I think the quality of their toys is great. I also thought the LEGO game was really cute. As for actual LEGO sets, Andrew’s big gift this year is most likely going to be the Hogwarts Castle kit.

Andrew is also starting to experiment with science lately so I thought a science kit would be fun. After some research, the original one I picked out seemed too basic. I really liked these sets and the fun themes attached to them. I may just get all 3. (You should see the 3 for $43 deal if you use this link HERE). The Tasty & Magic kits are geared towards the 6-10 year old group. The Mind-Blowing kit is geared for 4-8 year olds.

Some people find these new Sing-a-ma-jigs to be creepy but I think they are so cute! They’re also on Hot Toy Lists for 2010. Grace already has a red one but I think Santa may be sticking another in her stocking.

I love, love, love Melissa & Doug ~ especially their sturdy wooden play food (is anyone else tired of those flimsy cardboard boxes that come with play food that get ripped in 8 seconds?) Grace is getting a pantry set (already purchased) and possibly the fruit crate. Here’s a tip: AC Moore carries M&D products so print off a 50% off coupon and one of these sets will run you about $11!

Two of Grace’s other toys this year include Dance Star Mickey and a Leapfrog laptop.

That’s certainly not everything but it’s a good start. I have lots of fun Christmas-y things planned this year like new crafts, Buddy the elf’s antics and {hopefully} a Christmas journal. Stay tuned.

Today is like a Friday for the kids since there’s no school tomorrow. I am looking forward to taking them to Astronomy Night at the school and then dropping them off for a sleepover at Grandma & Grandpa’s. Vin and I may turn it into a date night since we’ll be kid-free.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Christine Cook Avatar
    Christine Cook

    Thanks Gina!! I’m going to steal some of those ideas for my girls :)

  2. Melissa Ives Avatar

    My mom and dad got Maya and Maxwell each the Leap Frog laptop for Christmas. (Maya got the pink one and Max got the green one.) They have Scout and Violet and love them. I already personalized them with their names and love “emails” from Grandma and Grandpa, then boxed them back up. They also love playing the KneeBouncer games on our laptops, so they are going to be thrilled to have a “laptop” of their own!

    1. Gina Avatar

      I should have waited to find the pink but alas, I did not! They only had a pink VTech and I liked the LeapFrog more!

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