harry potter & sister bees | halloween 2010

(Andrew as Harry Potter, Grace as little bee and Emily as big bee)

Here’s a quick little Halloween re-cap before we officially move into Christmas season. (Yes I know we still have Thanksgiving but in my book, watching Elf and putting on the Christmas tunes in totally acceptable come November 1st, even if I do have some pumpkins and turkeys displayed around the house).

Halloween 2010 was great. In fact, our best Halloween yet. A- Vin was off, B- it fell on a weekend day and C- we actually filled a red wagon up with candy. That part is both good and bad I guess. After we feast on candy for a few days and start to feel gross, we end up dumping it. It’s just fun for the kids to collect so much as they make their way through the neighborhood.

I’m so thankful that Halloween fell on a sunny weekend day because as we were walking around, I realized it: the next time we will get a school-free Halloween day Emily and Andrew will be about 12 & 13. Too old to want to walk around with Mom and Dad all day. :(

My three little trick-or-treaters. And yes, Andrew was originally going to be Iron Man. Harry Potter was sort of a last-minute decision for Book Character Dress-Up Day at school on Friday and we all loved the outfit so much that he ended up wearing it all weekend (we had a school parade & party on Friday during the day, a school party that I braved solo Friday night with all 3 kids, a Halloween party Saturday afternoon, an outdoor “Nightmare on Romscho Street” local block-type party Saturday night and then trick-or-treating all day on Sunday. Whew!)

Everyone took turns helping Grace up and down the stairs. (I love the picture below-left because that is actually Grace’s hair color in the sun. She’s the lightest Miller kid).

We had a good idea this year. Each kid got a really cute pail (you can see the green here. We also had an orange and black one). After they filled it to the top, they dumped it into some fabric recycling bags we brought along in the wagon. It made it easier for each kid to carry their candy pail. Bottom-left picture you can see Grace dumping her pail’s contents into a bag. At first I thought she might have trouble letting go of the candy but she quickly became obsessed and after each piece she received she would want to “dump it out!”

Three cute faces.

A few weeks ago I mentioned that our leaves hadn’t dropped yet. No problems in that department this weekend. Grace kept saying “Watch this!” and would shuffle her way through everyone’s lawn, making as much crunchy leaf noise as she could.

This Halloween was also fun because it was the first one where Grace “got” it. After every house she would look into her pail and squeal “I got something!” <3

Impromptu family portrait. Notice the bag of potato chips Grace was re-fueling on and not willing to let go of.

And this picture sort of doesn’t go with the leafy Autumn colors above but I can’t resist. We left one house and I noticed this berry bush at the end of the walkway. This photo looks so Wintery to me. The kids & I went shopping today and picked up a whole handful of cute new Christmas ornaments (Target employees were putting them out and I was putting them all in my cart). I think I may break out the Christmas carol CDs for the kids’ bedtime tonight. With the bitter cold weather we’re having here, it only seems right.

Our Christmas elf sent us a letter in last week’s mail (straight from the North Pole!) and he’ll be here in THREE short weeks.  I’ll try to get a Blog entry together so you guys can incorporate this fun tradition into your holiday season as well. It’s one of my family’s favorites!

Enjoy your day!






5 responses to “harry potter & sister bees | halloween 2010”

  1. Kristine Avatar

    The kids are getting so big!!!! Awesome pictures Gina! :D

  2. Shannon B. Avatar

    Gorgeous shots as always! Love the full frame filled with golden leaves!
    I also broke out the Christmas songs yesterday. We went to the mall to buy the Christmas tarts. I figure if I have to move during the Christmas season, I should be allowed to extend it a few weeks, shouldn’t I?

  3. Kirsty Avatar

    Gorgeous photos Gina!! We are totally into Christmas mode as well, probably cause we dont celebrate Halloween or Thanksgiving over here, they arnt big celebrations so besides the kids birthdays coming up, Christmas is the next big holiday!
    I finally was able to order our Elf, he should be arriving in the mail this week. I’m already excited!! I’ve been buying Christmas stuff, and on the weekend I’m pretty sure I’m going to get the christmas stuff out of storage to see what I’ve got and get out the Christmas CD’s!

  4. Debra Avatar

    All three so cute Gina! My personal favorite is G picking up leaves with her pudgy little girl fingers. :)

  5. Kelly Avatar

    Looks like you all had a great time! Beautiful photos as usual! And I love the idea of the elf sending a letter from the North Pole, I’m totally going to do that! We were just talking about our elf last night and my son was wondering if it will be the same elf or a different one. I told him that I think it’s probably the same elf assigned to us every year, so we’ll see! The letter will definitely help reinforce that issue, LOL!

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