a scarecrow story | by emily miller

My Scarecrow Story
written in Fall 2010 ~ 2nd grade

This weekend my family and I made a scarecrow. He had a big orange head. He had a pink shirt and purple pants. We stuffed him with straw. We put it out in front of our house.

On Monday, he saw my neighbor across the street. The neighbor was walking. She was walking her dog.

On Tuesday, he saw seven pumpkins. The pumpkins were big and small. They were on my stoop.

On Wednesday, he saw an airplane. The airplane was black and white. The airplane was landing.

On Thursday, he saw a bird. The bird was making a nest. The bird was bright blue.

On Friday, he saw a truck. The truck was white. It was a PeaPod truck.

My scarecrow had a very busy week.

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My daughter just totally outed my lazy grocery shopping antics to all of her classmates.

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2 responses to “a scarecrow story | by emily miller”

  1. Davita Avatar

    Well, this is a wonderful story. I see that there is never a dull moment if you are a scarecrow stationed in front of the Miller home. Gina, I am so glad you clarified about the PeaPod truck. we don’t have them here. Emily certainly has a talent for writing.

  2. Shannon B. Avatar

    LOL stupid spying scarecrow. Tell him to mind his own business and not to judge!

    Love it Em! Tell us what else the scarecrow saw. Did he see Mommy yell at the UPS guy for not bringing her new lens on the scheduled day? = P

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