saturday morning smiles | long island family photographer

I had a great start to my weekend when I packed my equipment and headed 28 seconds out of my way to photograph this cute family. I actually went to school with Katie but since we were in different grades, it wasn’t until our kids ended up in the same elementary school that we became friendly. This chick is a RIOT! I had a lot of fun with her crazy family on Saturday morning. (And I say crazy out of sheer love because her family reminds me a ton of my own). I hope you guys enjoy these pictures!

Firstly, how cute is this sibling picture? I completely forgot to re-size it for my Facebook sneak peek so I have to post it first and hope Mom enjoys it as much as I do. ; )  Gia is a riot. AJ is the best big brother. Two little cutie pies.

You know I’m a fan of the iPhone shot. I tried getting them both behind my phone but it was a little difficult. I thought this was cute nonetheless.

The family wanted some Christmas card shots and we ended up with some great family ones. This is one of my favorites.

I’m a big fan of my wooden letters this year. Expect to see them in many future session photos!

Oh yes. I actually broke out my mad barking skills to get Duke the family pupster to look at my camera. Isn’t he adorable?

Check out this little girl’s sass.

Mom wasn’t crazy about AJ riding his skateboard but I couldn’t wait to get some shots. I love showing kids around the things they like best at the present time. I think it makes for a great record of memory.

Thanks again for a fun session V family!






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