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Whenever I want to take photos “just because” or test lighting or check a new lens, all I need to do is look 3 feet around me (since she’s usually attached at my hip) and ask Emily if she’ll help. Yesterday after an early morning football game, we went home and she changed into this cute little outfit I bought her last week (boots were a birthday gift from Grandma). We went out together and were lucky to capture so many beautiful images not even 5 minutes from our house. Emily was a great, willing subject (and I of course saved the swirly rainbow pop for the very end just in case) and I’m even happier we spent the afternoon together and took these because this morning, her 7th tooth fell out!

Emily always has some remnant of tattoo on her. That’s a faded pumpkin on the top of her hand.

The kids had a playdate here on Saturday and all three made these cute little Halloween finger puppets.

I find it very odd that the leaves have not started dropping here yet. Many of the trees around me haven’t even changed color! It seems kind of late in the season but I suspect they’ll change any day now. We did find a big pile in the field and Emily couldn’t resist chucking a whole bunch at my head. =P

Love you Emmie, you silly pumpkin head!




6 responses to “my beauty | halloween-inspired”

  1. Melanie Avatar

    Wow, she is so adorable! She’s looking more grown up every day! I love these pics, Gina. Gorgeous shots! The one of her throwing the leaves up at you is priceless…so sweet and fun! :) You’re lucky to have such a willing subject! ;)

  2. denali Avatar

    Gina, how do you STAND it?! All that cuteness around you all the livelong day! My goodness, the one of her walking away nearly had me choked up. Suddenly she looks SO grown up. And tossing the leaves in the air? Gorgeousness.

  3. Ang Avatar

    She is ROCKING those awesome boots! LOL

    Fantastic pix Gina. Seriously.

  4. Donna Avatar

    Beautiful photos Gina!!! I can’t believe how grown up Emily is getting.

  5. Kirsty Avatar

    WOW these are seriously stunning Gina! They are just beautiful! I cant wait till my girls are a little older and will pose for photos, they are at the stage of saying ‘No Mum’ when they see me with the camera out! My eldest son Dominic, will pose for one and then he’s over it! The only one who will sit still is Harry and thats only cause he cant crawl yet!!

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