kate autumn | long island newborn photographer

I love this little girls’ name! I had the pleasure of taking her pictures earlier last week. Mom assured me she’d sleep. She didn’t. LOL! But she was a great little subject nonetheless.

Jen (Kate’s mom) was my best friend all through elementary school. We still took art classes together in high school but we drifted apart and lost contact during our college years and after. We always still sent one another Christmas cards though and Facebook helped us keep in better touch as of recent. Sadly, Jen’s mom passed away suddenly a few years ago. We made sure to incorporate a blanket she crocheted for Jen when she was a baby herself (first picture below).

Speaking of crocheting, Jen crochets herself and made lots of adorable things for her daughter while she was still pregnant. She made these cute booties…

…a mobile and this ridiculously cute tea set!

Thanks again for having me over Jen! I hope to see you & Kate again soon. :)






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  1. Rezika Zurch Avatar

    these are adorable Gina-love them! That last one is way too cute!

  2. jeri Avatar

    Pictures are beautiful. So is the baby!!!

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