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After setting out apple slices with cups of peanut butter as an after school snack and getting the ball rolling with homework today, I started printing and cutting names from the My Four Hens giveaway. Thanks to everyone who participated! I know there’s something in it for you (an action shopping spree!) but it was really awesome to see so many of you guys linking my Blog to your own Blogs and FBs and getting new faces both over here and at my FB page. So thank you for that! And welcome new readers. : )

I now present the $40 My Four Hens gift card winner:

Congrats Candi! I’ll be in touch via e-mail later tonight.

There’s a little curve ball in the pictures posted below. I’ll explain why. I let Emily pick a name out of my little white bowl and when she was through picking the M4H winner, Andrew said “Ok, my turn!” I figured I could always offer up a GMD gift card and let him play along too. So our runner-up walking away with $20 in GMD goodies is Michelle Adams! Congrats!

Look for many more fun giveaways to be posted over time.

*If you are ever interested in donating a prize for one of my giveaways posted here, feel free to drop me a line and perhaps we can work something out. : )

Enjoy your Monday evening!






3 responses to “winner(s) | my four hens giveaway”

  1. Michelle Adams Avatar

    Hey! Thanks me!!!!!! Thanks Andrew!!!!!! You rock!
    And I love her little chipped nails – LOVE!

    1. Gina Avatar

      LOL! I was thinking “For the love…! It’s *really* apparent this girl needs a manicure!” What can I say; she has a really busy schedule. LOL! We’ll have to fit one in soon though. ;)

  2. Elizabeth Wilkinson Avatar
    Elizabeth Wilkinson

    LOVE how you presented the winners ! Cutest winners announcement I’ve seen ! Congrats to the winners! Love your site x Elizabeth

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