the very first day | starting 1st and 2nd grade

Yesterday the kids started the new school year; 1st & 2nd grades. I’m not sure when that happened but it did.

We took them to dinner at Taco Joe’s (their request) and over quesadillas and frozen yogurt with sprinkles, I grilled them on their days. “Where did you sit?” “Who is in your class?” “Did you like your lunch that I packed for you?” “Did you miss me or did the day seem to fly?” They both loved their new rooms and new teachers.  As I suspected, Andrew completely missed the second zipper at the bottom of his new Iron Man lunch bag and thought I didn’t pack him a drink. He went and helped himself to a chocolate milk (that he later returned, unopened when he discovered a water in his “still-heavy” lunch bag) from the cafeteria because “You know Mom, if you don’t have a drink with you or money, you can just take one from the lunch room.” We quickly told him how nothing in this world is free, not even chocolate milk at lunch.

Andrew looked like he was going to fall right off the bus steps at the end of the day. He was exhausted! He said his teacher loved him though. “I think I’m her favorite”. I’ve gotta tell you, the boy is always a hit when he wears a tie.

I wanted to approach the day with a photojournalistic feel hence the detail photos.

The image above was a cute little back-to-school bag that Emily brought home from her teacher. I am pretty sure she also got a similar one last year in first grade so you’ve probably seen some version of this throughout your school years. Here is the poem on the pink paper:

Rubber Band: to remind you that reading can really stretch your mind.

Tissue: to remind you to help dry someone’s tears (or perhaps your own)

Button: to remind you to “button your lips” – to keep from saying mean things about others or talking when it’s not appropriate.

Toothpick: to remind you to “pick out” the good qualities in everyone, including yourself.

Band-Aid: to remind you of healing hurt feelings, either yours or someone else’s.

Candy Kiss: to remind you that you are always loved.

Eraser: to remind you that everyone makes mistakes sometimes, and that’s all right.

Lifesaver Candy: to remind you to think of me as your “lifesaver”. Whenever you need help or need to talk, feel free to come see me!

Smiley Face: to remind you that as long as you try hard and do your best, you’ve made me proud & happy.

Puzzle Piece: to remind you that we all need to work together in order to have a GREAT year.

Mint: to remind you that you are wort a MINT to me!

We’re going to save it. I thought it would be a good reminder for both kids to read every now & again.

Today the kids have their second day of school and consequently, their last day before four days off. Guess we’ll be going back into Summer-ish mode for the long weekend.

Happy Wednesday!






7 responses to “the very first day | starting 1st and 2nd grade”

  1. denali Avatar

    Oh my. I’m blown away, Gina! I should have been prepared, but somehow I wasn’t. What a lovely start to your new venture!

  2. Angela Avatar

    I have really missed your blogging! The photos are beautiful! Great work, as always!! BTW, what camera are you using?

  3. Michelle Adams Avatar

    Love the storyboards with the details!

  4. Trish Tierno Avatar
    Trish Tierno

    Oh my, is that one of the outfits we got Em for her birthday? It looks like it and looks adorable on her!! Love your blogging!! ;)

  5. Debra Avatar

    Fantastic photos Gina! Cannot wait to watch this venture take off! Oh yes. It *will* take off! lol :)

  6. melanie Avatar

    have missed your blog, gina. your kids have grown so much … and are beautiful!
    the photos are great, too!
    hope your year goes as well as the day seems to have :)

  7. Jillian Mitchell Avatar
    Jillian Mitchell

    Wow Gina I was just skimming through here and Em’s legs have gotten so long (plaid skirt) I cannot believe what a young lady she is turning into. Now is the age when all the girls start shooting up way taller than the boys. My son is noticing it a lot more now that he is in third grade.

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