the reinvention of me | a fresh start as a long island-based photographer

I absolutely love Fall. You knew that about me already though huh? What better time to completely reinvent myself then during the start of my favorite season. What do I mean? Why, another business of course.  Go ahead and perhaps smirk but let me first state my case.

I don’t proclaim to be good at everything. I burnt a batch of cookies yesterday (thankfully they were just for us for no reason whatsoever other than I made some dark purple royal icing for God-only-knows what reason and wanted to use it), I haven’t been able to catch-up on my laundry pile completely since Fall 2007 (no that’s actually not a typo) and well, we all know about my cake wreck that was actually for a paying customer. Sometimes I feel that people assume that about me (or assume I assume that about myself?) and it’s frustrating. I never claim to be an expert at everything. I just have a lot of interests and it’s in my nature to pursue my interests vigorously. Sometimes I stick with them and sometimes I get bored. I like to joke with my husband that I think sometimes it’s just a test for myself, by myself. “Can I do this?” I prove that perhaps I can, and that’s enough.

I purchased a domain Friday night. This domain actually. A lot of things led up to it and finally I snapped (not in a negative way but not in a completely positively one either I suppose) and thought “I need to do this. Finally.” And so I did.

I am so excited. And so nervous.

I am exhausted. Since Friday night I have: created a FB page, created a tiny newsletter, worked-up all sorts of price sheets, print sheets & overall detailed sheets to send to clients. I have ordered brand new business cards, created a new logo, ordered new background papers and been out twice for new props. I have booked one engagement shoot and two definite newborns with a few children and other possible newborns mixed in. I have also formulated plans for a holiday portrait party, thank you gifts for clients and packaging ideas. I am tired but I am excited at the same time.

Everything finally clicked last night as I was vacuuming smashed chocolate chip cookie crumbs off my rug: this is a re-invention. I don’t need to stay at this version of “me” forever. It’s ok to change. One foot in front of the other… What’s the saying about when a certain path feels a little shaky and uncertain that it’s usually the right one?

I took the kids out for a little photoshoot Sunday before dinner and we had a funny conversation. I told Emily and Andrew about Mommy’s new business and they were really excited about it and happy to “help” as models and stuff. We were driving and Andrew said:

“I am so happy the whole family is making money now!”

Something you don’t know: he makes crayon pictures for paying customers (family) and Emily makes friendship bracelets for paying customers (also family). They’ve each filled like, ONE order and called it quits. =P

So after he said the above, I returned with:

me: “Uh Buddy, I have always been making money. What do you think I do on the computer?”

him: “Well, how come I don’t SEE it?”

Something your father wonders often himself…

Ok no. I didn’t say that. I thought it was funny though that he assumed actual cash should come out of a slot on my computer like a cash register. I explained that I put it right into the bank, mix it all up with Daddy’s money and we pay bills with it. I certainly don’t want him telling his new teacher that Mom “sits on the computer and plays online games all day.” =P

I have a newborn shoot scheduled for tomorrow. I can’t wait! It’s quite possible I am goin to have a second back-to-back. Both little baby girls. I can’t wait to see such tiny, under-two-weeks-old newborns again. *This* is going to make this new path so very enjoyable.

If you’d like to join me over on Facebook, here’s the link:


Thanks for all of your support!  : )






2 responses to “the reinvention of me | a fresh start as a long island-based photographer”

  1. Heather M Avatar

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see more!!!

  2. Tanisha (muppetpinchess) Avatar
    Tanisha (muppetpinchess)

    I am THRILLED to see that you are back to blogging publicly, I’ve long lamented the loss of your old blog- it was better than coffee in the mornings :-) Congratulations on your new venture!

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