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(I took those at the pumpkin farm this past weekend. There’s a ghost on display each year and these were in his exhibit. I particularly liked the spider-topped cupcakes. The kids preferred the pot of boiling eyeballs).

I love Halloween! I can say that now but there was a time (in between childhood and adulthood) that I wasn’t so fond of it. I don’t like to dress-up and before I had kids, it wasn’t about trick-or-treating anymore. It was more about hiding in your house so you don’t get egged or covered in shaving cream on the streets. LOL! But once the kids came along, it became all sorts of fun again! Costumes, candy, parties at school…

I really need / want to create a simple Halloween book so the kids can easily look back on their costumes. There was a year when Andrew was a miniature 3 week old fireman (the cutest!) and another where Emily and Andrew were matching monkeys. Aww… that doesn’t even seem like that long ago but I suppose it was. Every year I secretly hope they’ll coordinate but they’re getting a little old for that, especially since Andrew wants to be a superhero year after year. Last year I had the great idea to have him dress as Batman, Emily dress as Batgirl and Grace dress as……. Robin. LOL! My Mom thought it was a terrible idea to put her in a boy costume so needless to say, they dressed as a very uncoordinated ladybug, Wolverine and Candy Corn Witch.

This year, my girls are going to match and it was really out of the blue the way it worked. This was a completely unplanned decision that started in Toys R Us and ended with an order placed at

Aren’t the bees cute?

When it comes to decorations the crafts I do with the kids, I love pumpkins and I love black and orange. A few spooky things are okay but I’m not a fan of blood drippings, tons of cobwebs or jars of eyeballs.  The occasional bat is fine.  =P  I actually really liked the staircase idea pictured below even though our stairs are carpeted and I won’t be doing this any time soon.  My particular Halloween decor preferences fall more in line with assorted pumpkin ideas (glittered ones of course!) and the candy table below is adorable. We’ll be working on a new pumpkin-themed craft this weekend that I’ll post sometime next week.

All of the above pictured ideas are from Martha’s website.

Looking forward to a weekend of crafting, trying a new recipe (the kids will be making it), football and playing around with a new lens.

Happy Friday!






2 responses to “costume choices | halloween 2010”

  1. Melissa Ives Avatar

    LOL! I have the adult version of Emily’s costume! It’s adorable! Thanks for the link to the crafts. I wanted to do some this year.

  2. Shannon B. Avatar

    The kids will look so cute! I love the two styles of the bee costumes! I did the tin-can lanterns once. I used a tutorial from Woman’s Day I think and they didn’t mention filling it with water and freezing it. LOL! It was so hilarious watching me hammer a nail only to have it bounce off the can every time. Finally figured out the ice trick with a little online research. I’m with ya on the Halloween decor style! I think classic or country or cute. Even ghostly is ok. But not bloody, gory or horrifying. P.S. No matching costumes for us this year either. Sigh. Those days are done I suppose. I got two good years out of it. LOL!

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