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This little guy was the cutest! I brought along my assistant (AKA Grace) to yesterday’s shoot. We walked in the house and Rocco was sitting & smiling in his swing, as quiet as a mouse. We had assorted baskets and buckets and blankets & Dad even went out and bought a pumpkin as a prop. Unfortunately, Rocco was having NONE of that. LOL!  Isn’t that always the way? I managed to get some cute ones anyway, especially of him in his little overalls. Hopefully he warms up to me & my camera for next time!

Rocco @ 8 weeks.

Really, could Mom be any more beautiful?

Thanks for having us over Robyn (and extra thanks for the venti latte)! Grace is already asking to come back so we’ll do a second shoot complete with wardrobe changes soon!






4 responses to “baby rocco | long island newborn photographer”

  1. trish Avatar

    so cute Gina! Great photos! he did pretty good considering you said he didn’t.. he is adorable!! Wish I knew u back when my kiddies were that little.. :(

  2. Debra Avatar

    G! What fantastic shots of one of the cutest little boys I’ve ever seen!

  3. Robyn aka Rocco's Mommy Avatar
    Robyn aka Rocco’s Mommy

    Love the pics!!! They came out GREAT…You have some talent cause my boy was a tough customer…Can’t wait for the next shoot…how do I go about ordering announcements and how long do they take?? THANK YOU and Grace sooo much!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!

  4. Robyn aka Rocco's Mommy Avatar
    Robyn aka Rocco’s Mommy

    THANK YOU GINA!!! I LOVE THEM…Ok now how do I order announcements??? And when can we schedule a Christmas shoot!!! Sooo excited…You are so talented…Rocco was totally not cooperating and you still got some great shots!!! AWESOME!!! And bring Grace over ANYTIME!!! Love her she is ADORABLE!!!

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