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  • hello world!

    hello world!

    *waves* Hello all! Longgggg time, no update here. I figured since when I run Facebook ads and they have a ‘book now’ button which leads you here, it would be nice to have a little fresh material going. How about some recent newborn images that I just adore? If you’d like to reach me and/or…

  • long time, no blog

    long time, no blog

    Well, well… popping in to my sad, neglected Blog to say “Hi!” and “Happy New Year!” The Millers have been busy the last few months with all sorts of projects, school, the holidays, relaxing, doing puzzles, Crossfit, drama, dance, basketball, etc etc etc. I was just getting together a few little peeks for my Instagram…

  • newborn sweetness | long island newborn photographer

    Hi. I thought I’d share two photo spreads here today that I put together for Instagram earlier this week. I am currently booking newborns in November & beyond. If you are interested in setting up a shoot for your soon-to-be little one, please use the blue contact button up above (top-right). I would be happy…

  • introducing christos | long island newborn photographer

    introducing christos | long island newborn photographer

    I finished up baby Chris’ newborn gallery a few weeks ago. What a handsome little mushball. :)  Check out a sampling from our session. (p.s. I’m obsessed with soft knit stocking caps lately. I love the ones made by Funky Junky Peacock!)

  • newborn session samples | long island newborn photographer

    Hi all! Well, since Facebook has been making it near-impossible to reach my fan base lately (they will show an image to UNDER 200 people out of over 3800 people who like the page, which is absurd), I am going to try to keep my Blog updated more often with peeks and samples for potential…

  • 2014 re-cap, newborn style | long island newborn photographer

    Well, well, its been far too long since I’ve Blogged and  do apologize. Hopefully everyone is keeping up with my work on Facebook at least. :)  I did put together my annual re-cap of newborn goodness. Look at all of these little dollies I got to dress-up and pose in 2014. I just love doing…

  • elizabeth fiona | long island newborn photographer

    elizabeth fiona | long island newborn photographer

    I am in love with every single image from Elizabeth’s session… it was hard to narrow down what to share! Her Grandma handmade a bunch of the crocheted pieces we used. I love all of the unique items and fun colors we got to work with.