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  • i’m back! | welcome july!

    We’re back from vacation and had a wonderful time! I am going to post a whole bunch of camping pictures soon enough, but in the meantime, I wanted to share this and get a record of it in my Blog. We stopped at my husband’s firehouse on the way home from our camping adventure. I…

  • out of office

    Please note: I am currently on vacation and “out of office”. I will resume returning e-mails and answering new client inquiries the week of July 2nd. Thank you!

  • calendar update | availability

    Contact me today! **CLICK HERE**

  • disney word art printable | limited time

    I saw this adorable print on Pinterest this morning with inspirational Disney quotes. I tried to find an original link to see where credit was due but the best I could find was the print on someone’s Tumblr. I set off to create my own and am going to offer it here for 24 hours…