Welcome to GinaRaeMillerPhotography. I am honestly thrilled to have you here! For as long as I can remember, I have loved capturing magic behind the lens. It all began over ten years ago when I concentrated on sports photography being I had brothers that played football and lacrosse. I would package my shots up in individual envelopes for each player & hand them out week after week. I thrive on people’s reactions. When I would see how excited somebody would get over a candid shot, I was hooked. Marriage and babies fell in between that space and the time I started my graphic design business specializing in scrapbook supplies. I absolutely loved playing in Photoshop. Soon I realized I could combine both hobbies and create something wonderful. I don’t think it hurts that I have three adorable subjects of my own to work with. : )

There are times when I rifle through my memory card and will just stop at one shot and lightly gasp. I know I’ve captured magic with a child’s laugh or a perfectly blown bubble or a brand new baby’s gorgeous crystalline eyes. I look forward to creating these magic moments for you too. Photography speaks truth and these snapshots help us to remember all of the little moments long after they’ve passed.  My style is freshly modern, clean & timeless. I adore color. I love the post-processing work just as much as taking the actual initial shots. I promise to create something wonderful for you if given the chance.

And in case you’re someone who likes the little tidbits about somebody, I can tell you that I am 35 (! still unsure when this happened…), married to a firefighter, have two daughters and one son, am a graphic artist, love getting lost in Photoshop, am a Crossfit junkie, a total foodie (mostly homemade paleo treats!), always on Instagram,  have a degree in Apparel Design, drink way too much coffee, loves shopping for cute things but lives in PINK sweats & workout leggings more often than not,and I am also an avid Blogger, baker, candlestick maker (kidding. It just rhymed), crocheter, reader and list-maker.

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