elf magic, part 1

Well, Buddy & Ginny are back …and this time they brought a friend! (For more on that, check out this post HERE).

Here’s what our elves have been up to so far as they take over our home this Christmas season. The kids couldn’t be happier each morning and they get up and hunt around for these pesky little North Pole hooligans.

(For elf ideas from previous years, check out the Elf Magic section of this Blog).

I’ll update again as the season moves on…

“We’re baaaaaack.”

Gina Rae Miller Photography

“Ahhhh, refreshing!”

Enjoying some fresh juice.

Gina Rae Miller Photography

“Let us in! Let us in!”

Gina Rae Miller Photography

“Are the pearls too much?”

Playing dress-up with some bling.

Gina Rae Miller Photography

“Let the games begin!”

1st Annual Potato Sack Races. 

Gina Rae Miller Photography Elf on the Shelf

Thanksgiving Dinner. They left a note. “No turkey for us. We’re having candy!”

We came home from Thanksgiving dinner to find them in different spots with chocolate all over their faces. Probably our most magical elf moment yet.

Gina Rae Miller Photography Elf on the Shelf


Also, intense blood rush.

Gina Rae Miller Photography Elf on the Shelf

“Peek-A-Boo. Oh and also, we just made it impossible for you to grab a drinking cup today. You’re welcome.”

Hanging out in the kids’ cups.

Gina Rae Miller Photography




Gina Rae Miller Photography

“I came in like a wrecking ball….”

Not gonna lie. You have some heavy competition Miley.

Gina Rae Miller Photography

“Sugar? Goooood. Chocolate? Goooood. Marshmallows? Goooood.”

That’s it. I told the kids these elves have got to go. Who is supposed to clean up this mess??

Gina Rae Miller Photography

“We made you guys a Christmas garland!”

(Don’t get your panties in a twist. We don’t have five elves. When the kids’ cousin sleeps over around Christmas, his elves magically make their way to our house by morning…)

Gina Rae Miller Photography

Happy elfing!






2 responses to “elf magic, part 1”

  1. Melissa Ives Avatar
    Melissa Ives

    I love reading about your elves’ adventures!

  2. mandy Avatar

    love it! this tempts me to get another elf. or two more. so that each kid can have his/her own!!

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