take time to smell the roses, jack!



I am having quite the busy week over here! 7 sessions in 6 days and a little bit of everything at that: newborn boy, newborn girl, birthdays, sibling studios, cake smashes and if the weather cooperates tomorrow evening, my very last family session. The kids have had their usual lacrosse, swimming, soccer, computer programs. The older two had their Spring concert last night (this year we have a member of chorus and a member of recorder ensemble). It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and we put together goodies for the teachers. I was also in charge of putting together a scrapbook for Andrew’s 3rd grade class.  Like I said, busy busy busy.

Two important things:

1) Please be patient if you’ve e-mailed me this week. I plan on returning all of those e-mails over the next 24 hours. If you sent your e-mail earlier than that, please re-send. Sometime they get lost in cyberspace.

2) FB is being a real bummer and showing my posts to something silly like 295 out of 1500+ people. :( I will not show up in your newsfeed if you don’t interact with me on my page! Please take the time to comment on an image you like or even just clicking LIKE here and there should do it. Thanks!

I took some photos of the new plants around my front yard yesterday. We finally got around to planting some new stuff out there a few weeks ago and my rose bushes took off. One pink and one red. Looking at the photo above, I keep getting a quote in my head of my new favorite show Duck Dynasty. Hilarious! Does anybody watch it? Sooooo funny! I put a quote on my FB from Uncle Si the other day and I’ll share it here too. Here’s your Friday advice from me. ;)

“You can smell the roses but hey, smell them quick, or a bumblebee is liable to nail you”. – Uncle Si

Take time to smell the roses this weekend, Jack! Happy Mother’s Day mommies!






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