buddy & ginny the christmas elves

Buddy’s back…

… and this time he brought a friend! Or, an old sister to be exact.

The kids wrote to Buddy after his first night here and asked if he could bring a girl elf with him. Wouldn’t you know it: he has 7 sisters and the oldest one didn’t have a home to travel to (the other 6 are taken. Made sure to include that in the return letter, lest 6 more girl elves be invited over by the little Miller people).

The kids have a mailbox that Emily made out of duct tape on our front door (last year it was an envelope). They will frequently write the elves notes, sometimes asking for bizarre things. Andrew recently asked them to make it snow and said “You don’t even have to answer. Your answer can be white covering my front lawn tomorrow morning!” They promptly wrote back saying “Sorry dude but that’s Mother Nature’s department!” Emily wrote the other night on the sly, sneakily asking for Santa’s e-mail so she could… FACETIME HIM! The elves wrote back saying “Santa is so busy this time of year silly Emily. Imagine if he Facetimed you, then he had to do it for the other billions of kids? Everyone would get one tiny marble as a Christmas present! We have lots of work to do sister!” Ginny did pass her request on to Santa though and he did e-mail her, time-stamped 2:43am straight from his e-mail account at the North Pole.

Never a dull moment in this house. Gotta always be on our toes around here…

One more thing before I get to the pictures: in years past, it has always sort of been assumed that you have a Christmas elf to keep your children on their best behavior. I guess that sounds nice. In theory. I am not sure if it’s really ever worked that way for us. In fact, without going back and reading past entries, I may have even said it hasn’t. I recently read somewhere online that people didn’t understand why elves would cause such mischief and misbehave if they were visiting our home to teach the opposite. To that I say, our elves do report back to Santa nightly but have my kids ever really changed behavior while they are here? Uh, negative. They still yell and fight and I can hardly see the floors to their bedrooms on most days, but that’s ok with us. We have Christmas elves to keep the kids smiling, anticipating finding them each morning and just to spread some good ol’ fashioned happiness and cheer. I guess my point is that there doesn’t have to be a good reason why they come to visit our home. They are elves for goodness sakes. Lighten up! ;)

Here are a few picture of what Buddy & Ginny have been up to so far this year. Oh and a funny note about Ginny’s name. We originally were thinking Ruby or Suzy, then it was Olive and then Andrew kept pushing for Ginny so we changed it after the first day. Multiple people have asked us if its a combo of Vinny & Gina. Um no, but now we’re gonna tell people it is!

Zip-lining through the living room.

Sprinkle overload!

Watching from a perch high up above (the kids were really impressed that Buddy was standing today!)

Roasted marshmallows anyone?

These elves have a lot of nerve lighting candles with a fireman sleeping in the next room…

“Help! We’ve locked ourselves in this cabinet and are on limited oxygen for the next 24 hours!”

Trying to blend in with the locals.

Personally, I would like to dive head first into this cereal myself. The best.

Playing a rousing round of Scrabble Jr. under the Christmas tree.

Elf after party?

They thought our tree needed a little something special.

“My tree! Louis, what have you done to my tree?!”

(name that movie!)

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8 responses to “buddy & ginny the christmas elves”

  1. Diane E Avatar
    Diane E

    Love how creative you guys are!! Great fun photos as always!

  2. Carolina Avatar

    OMG, Gina, these are great! I never knew about the elves until a few weeks ago (I Know, I’ve been living under a rock) and although my girls are already 8 and 9, I thought it is never to late to start a new tradition ;) not only that, I think they are going to love it! As a matter of a fact I picked up mine today, and I can’t wait to introduce him!! How did he arrived to the millers house? Did you guys went to an adoption center?

    1. Gina Avatar

      Buddy arrived in… 2007! He landed on our doorstep in the original box. :) Every year since, he usually arrives in some grand fashion (different sleighs, one time he was here mid-day when we returned from shopping)… Have fun with your elf!

  3. Tanisha Avatar

    Love your ideas, Gina, thank for sharing! Was wondering if you know of any quick albums for scrapping what the elf does every day? Kind of like your thankful album? It’s been so long since I’ve been active in the digital world that I don’t even know what forum to go to to ask such a question!

    1. Gina Avatar

      I actually don’t. Great product idea though! :D

  4. Nicole LeBlanc Avatar

    You take the most amazing photos, Gina! Love all these fun ideas!

    1. Gina Avatar

      Thanks Nicole!

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