buddy & ginny, take two | elf on the shelf

Just a few more photos of Buddy & Ginny’s whereabouts the past few days and perhaps, a new idea or two for your own elf. In case you missed this year’s first installment, CLICK.

In the next day or so I hope to have the first half of our Christmas crafts Blogged. Stay tuned for those…

Elf identity crisis.

p.s. For this pack of cute DIY printables, check out my creative friend Jacque‘s product: ELF ACCESSORIES

I like to think my awesome job is rubbing off on the elves. They found my old-old-old camera and got to work. Ginny’s dress was a gift from one of Emily’s friends that came over Friday night. Her Grandma made it. :) Strike a pose girl!

*click* *click* (C’mon… you’ve gotta picture Toy Story Ken saying this with his toy camera).

It’s a 4-alarm holiday emergency over here! Buddy #2 is chauffeuring. Katie is riding Officer. (No we haven’t lost our minds and the elves are not dangerously close to outnumbering the humans in this house. The kids’ cousin slept over this weekend and his two elves magically found their way to our home! Elves are wise like that.)

Hanging out with the Three Kings Monday morning with a prime viewing of the outside world.

The Black Moon and Shadow Wolf, specializing in espionage, master flight skills and spreading extreme amounts of holiday cheer. Part of the elite Candy Cane Special Op team that live on a diet of syrup, sprinkles and sugar.

Fun side note: Counting these last-minute costumes and the four snowmen we made last night, the kids and I destroyed 3 pairs of Vin’s socks. =P  Dress socks + ribbon = ninja costume in 30 seconds.

May your day be filled with smiles, magic, candy and perhaps, elf ninjas.





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  1. Diane E Avatar
    Diane E

    You are a creative GENIUS! :) Can you take over elf duties at our house?!! I’m lucky if I REMEMBER to move the guy every night! ha! Love seeing and reading all your holiday posts girlie!!!

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