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Swamped, swamped, swamped… that’s me this Fall.  I am loving every second of it too! I sit down to edit and just feel so grateful that I have so many repeat clients, get to watch so many little kids grow and I truly just have so much fun every day behind my camera.  The FB peeks & Blog entries aren’t as plentiful this time of year but that’s because I am working extra hard editing 8-9 sessions a week plus designing Christmas cards for clients and lately, all of my newborns have been ordering big, huge, beautiful print package (yay! I love seeing everything printed up!) I guess I am posting today to:

  • say “Thank you” to all of my current clients. Thank you for keeping me busy each & every day and smiling right along with your families.
  • say “Hi” to the Blog readers since the entries are a little slow to post recently
  • show off super-sweet Charlie. I’ve photographed her 4 times now and each sessions is amazing! Mom has the best ideas and Charlie is dressed to the 9s.

Have a super weekend friends! The Millers are taking Saturday to trim the tree and watch Christmas Vacation together. We can’t wait!

Enjoy your families this weekend!


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