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I am not going to re-post pictures of Long Beach under water or the Atlantic City boardwalk washed away. You can look online and find dozens of shots of broken tree limbs, a flying trampoline and the 110 homes that burned down in Breezy Point. I really don’t want a visual reminder of the horribleness surrounding my Long Island here on this Blog forever. I’ll leave them stored in my mind, not at all forgotten but not threatening to surprise me as I scroll through the Blog one day in the future.

I can’t not post anything though. Below is a shot of my kids in front of an uprooted tree and two shots taken when we lost power during Sandy. That’s it. We took one quick drive through town but other than that, we’ve been home for three days and counting. School is out all week. It’s very hard to find open gas stations and stores still have no milk or bread on the shelves, if they are even open. Traffic lights are out so it’s not safe to drive and cross major intersections.

A good chunk of my town has power and my home is one of the lucky ones. We were out for 24 hours when it turned back on. I almost feel silly for having it. How can we be so fortunate when so many others are not? I have a friend in the Rockaways where such devastation hit, a client in Long Beach who lost everything and I have an Aunt stranded in Long Beach right now where 5000 Port-A-Potties are being brought in and water isn’t safe to drink until at least Monday. They are flooded in and simply cannot get out. And here I am, online. On Facebook. Ridiculous.

Believe me, I am counting my blessings and then some. This was one of the big reasons we did not trick or treat yesterday. Of course we’re not scrooges and didn’t want to stop all fun for our children. They got dressed up and went to visit Grandma and a few neighbors and Aunts.  We simply could not get on board with going house to house for candy when so many people are worried about loved ones and had family and friends who lost their homes and every single memory inside during Hurricane Sandy.  Not only that, but it’s unsafe out there. Our town is still unlit in areas, there are tons of giant trees and branches on the ground and worst of all, lots of hanging power lines. We didn’t feel safe letting our kids walk around in these conditions.

I originally read that LIPA said expect power outages for 7-10 days and last night, I heard it could be up to 3 weeks in some areas. I don’t even know what to say about that. I am so thankful our power was restored quickly and I truly want to help others out there who aren’t so lucky right now. I can’t just go posting my home address on here for all to see but if you are a past client of mine and have it + no power, please stop by. If you are a long lost friend + no power, you are welcome too! If anyone needs a cup of hot coffee, a place to charge your cell phone or even just Disney channel for your kids to give you an hour break and you know where we live, our doors are open to you. If you have a way to send out e-mails, please do not hesitate to contact me:

The Miller family truly wants to help any and everyone that we can so please don’t be afraid to ask us if you need something. Huge, huge hugs and prayers to all of my Long Islanders who were crushed during Sandy.






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  1. Lisa Joy Avatar
    Lisa Joy

    I’m so glad you are safe and didn’t lose power for too long. I know I got very lucky. My neighborhood did not lose power, cable (and internet) did go out Tuesday night but nothing major. I drove to work yesterday morning in shock. I think I said wow a few times at how many trees were uprooted, resting on power lines, etc. We did trick or treat, but it was a mellow feeling. My neighborhood always gets a lots of kids, this year almost everyone had extra friends who were charging stuff as the kids trick or treated. Or maybe grabbed a warm shower.

  2. Kimberlee Avatar

    What a sweet post. I’m glad that you didn’t suffer a lot of devastation, and that you are compassionate enough to help those who did. :)

    I live in Washington state, but I love your area of the world, and my heart goes out to all of you who had to battle the storm. Even if you didn’t have major catastrophe in your neighborhood, I can only imagine being surrounded by it and/or having loved ones and friends struggling. The pictures I’ve seen just break my heart.

    Hugs to you.

  3. Rebecca W. Avatar
    Rebecca W.

    My respect for you knows no bounds, Gina. I will admit I do worry a little about you taking on guilt you don’t in any way deserve but I suspect you will recover your equilibrium. You are fundamentally strong & healthy enough for that. Besides, doing everything & anything you can think of (and, oh boy, you’ve thought of a lot!) to help can only be a good thing for everyone. Your family, friends, and clients are very blessed to have you.

  4. Sinead Avatar

    Gina, I remember feeling the same way when the big tornado came through here. We were at the beach when it hit (thank God, since the EF5 passed half a mile-a mile and a half away from my house), so we watched in horror as the reports of damage came in. And the photos. Oh, the photos. Our area is rural, so there wasn’t as much coverage of the damage as there was of the tornadoes that hit Tuscaloosa and Joplin and Birmingham that day, but the devastation was gut wrenching. We came back several days later when most people had power back and I was sick to my stomach for weeks when I drove past the mangled trees and flattened and destroyed houses. But in the end, in the midst of all of the heartbreak and devastation, there was such joy and beauty, too. The beauty of strangers pitching in to help neighbors and to help people they didn’t even know. The strength of people coming together to take care of people who had lost everything and of the integrity of the culture of our little area who stood up for each other and took care of those in need… These things were beautiful and reminded me that beautiful things can come from even the most devastating. I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers, Gina, as I know how hard it can be to walk this walk. ((hugs))

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