donald duck, a collection

I decided to share something fun and completely random on the Blog this weekend:

My brother’s massive Donald Duck collection!

His Donald Duck collection is probably one of the biggest in the world. I don’t know how we could find out for sure but hey, I’m going to put it out there. It takes up one full room and plenty of places along the walls and down the hallways. He buys cheap toys as well as expensive one-of-a-kind pieces of art. He buys things others have made (Donald hand-drawn on a grain of rice comes to mind) and he makes his own canvases too. He even has a Donald tattoo!

I did a mini interview of sorts to fill this entry with some fun facts (my kids are really looking forward to this entry so I wanted to make it as all-encompassing as possible).

name/age/profession: Andrew/30/x-ray tech

When did you start collecting Donald Duck pieces: “In Junior High but I became a more serious collector in High School.”

How many pieces are in your collection: “I don’t have an exact count but it’s definitely in the thousands.”

What was your very first piece that started this whole thing? “A stuffed animal from my childhood.”

What is your most expensive piece? “A Ron Lee piece that cost $800.  It’s hand-painted pewter. I have ten Ron Lee figures.”

Have you ever broken any pieces? “Yes. Every time I clean the room, I (accidentally) break something.” =P (It might be worth mentioning here that my brother is 6’4″ and wears a size 17 shoe. Him tip-toeing around glass breakables isn’t really the easiest task).

What is your very favorite piece? “I always wanted a rug for the Donald Room and I finally found one. This one is from the 1950’s.”

Is your collection limited to just Donald Duck? “No. I started with Donald, then branched out to Daisy and now I even include Scrooge pieces as well as Donald’s three nephews.”

(Other side of that seesaw)

What are some of the more interesting pieces you have in your collection?
“I like this figure that holds a real egg”.

“And these vintage baby shoes are definitely interesting” (And if you ask me, uncomfortable looking. Did kids really wear these and not trip over that giant duck head?)

“This is probably the oddest piece. It’s a grain of rice with a Donald Duck drawn on it. You have to look through the top magnifying glass to see it.”

Enjoy taking a peek into Andrew’s Donald Duck room! If you have little ones, call them over to peek too because kids usually get a kick out of this. My kids think Unkie has his own Disney World playground right at home. What makes this room so fun visually is that my brother is an amazing artist. He paints, decorates cakes, paints murals on walls, etc.,  …all as hobbies. In his Donald Room, it’s not just a bunch of stuff on shelves. He has stuff hanging from the ceiling and tucked into every corner so it makes for an awesome visual display. Talking about it won’t do much so I hope you enjoy these visuals!

The hallway with gallery-style frames leading up to the room.

The view inside the Donald Room from the doorway.

The taller display case closest to the door has every Donald/Daisy-themed cup & mug known to man. You can also see some of the keychain collection hanging to the right. And those are stamp sets pinned above the door frame.

Just a cute lil’ vintage mini figure I liked.

Some pieces are so old that they’ve lost their paint.

Across the room from the Ron Lee pieces is a full shelf of Jim Shore figures.

And in yet another display case is a shelf dedicated to Swarovski crystal figures.

His collection also includes toys from every decade still in their original packaging.

A hand-painted canvas by Andrew. He has a Daisy Duck one hanging right near it.

I personally liked the vintage pieces so I tried to focus on lots of those. These little watering cans and pails are adorable. They hang from the ceiling.

He has a whole assortment of marionettes hanging from the ceiling.

Stuffed friends peer over every shelf.

See the Donald border on the display case? Andrew made that with old storybook pages and Mod Podge.

A vintage push toy.

A whole shelf of carousel figures.

One of my favorite bits to the room: me and my two brothers posing with Donald outside Epcot’s Mexico in the 80s.

Aw. This was our old Jack Russel appropriately named Disney. She had a Donald costume. :)

Donald & Daisy, getting you in the Halloween spirit.

He has 1,000s of official Disney trading pins. The yellow rectangle pin is worth the most money in his pin collection. That’s an original. The one that is more green to its left is a fake being sold on Ebay.

A pretty awesome pewter piece I just loved.

A few more vintage goodies.

Hand-blown glass pieces.

…and that’s honestly just the tip of the iceberg.

Thanks so much for peeking! If you’re so inclined, leave a comment here for my brother because well, comments are fun! Share this entry on your Facebook, Pin it, e-mail it off to a fellow Disney lover… he’s worked hard on building this collection and I think more people should see it!

Have a super day!





18 responses to “donald duck, a collection”

  1. Jennifer Woodbury Avatar

    Wow, this is incredible!!

    1. Gina Avatar

      Thanks Jenn! :)

  2. Brandi Avatar

    Amazing! I just love the gallery wall!

  3. Lisa Avatar

    I also collect Donald Duck, but my collection is not nearly as big, so I truly do appreciate all the pictures. I wish I could display more of my items. Thank-you so much for sharing! LOVE IT!!!

    1. Gina Avatar

      Thank you Lisa!

  4. Gini Larson Avatar
    Gini Larson

    I loved looking at this collection. I also am a avid Donald Duck collector as I guess you can tell from my email that I love D Duck. Enjoyed seeing the photos, if I knew how to do this I would also do the same as I believe you would also enjoy seeing even more Donald Ducks. We we stationed overseas and Donald Duck is the most popular character because he is a sailor. Thanks again for sharing and feel free to email. Gini

  5. Lynn Avatar

    That’s great! I have a necklace and earrings of blown glass Donald Duck heads circa early 1970’s. Ask him what they might be worth to him. Maybe we can make a deal.

  6. Nelly Avatar

    I’m in love! Wow, his collection is soo cool. I’m no where near his level.

  7. Nelly Avatar

    I just love it! It makes my collection look so small. I have loved Donald Duck since middle school and have been collecting since. I also have two Donald tattoos . Just beautiful!

  8. Janina Bullock Avatar
    Janina Bullock

    Beautiful collection. I have a small collection of Donald Duck, looking to part with it. Downsizing and do not have room. Do you or anyone you know have any interest? Thank you

  9. jennifer mork Avatar
    jennifer mork

    i have a vintage donald duck two piece white with pants instead of shorts that says ahoy mate down pant leg size 18 months and can not find a picture of it or close to it anywhere please help

  10. thomas marsh Avatar
    thomas marsh

    HI my name is tom. I all so collect Donald items. been doing this for 50 yrs. I am trying to sell my items.thomas marsh. I also been talking like Donald for 50yrs.

  11. Natalie Avatar

    I’m in love with this! I also have a Donald Duck collection, been collecting since I was 7! Nowhere near the size of this one of course.. Thanks for the pics ??

  12. EricaLynn Avatar

    wow! this is awesome, i have some donald pieces i would like to know the value of that I am unable to find on the internet

  13. Cheryl Avatar

    Do you still look for pieces .. I have a collection that I may sell some of

  14. Amber O Avatar
    Amber O

    Any interest in adding more to his collection? We have several vintage Donald Duck pieces in original packaging. Let me know if he’s interested in seeing pictures.

  15. Shelley Besaw Avatar
    Shelley Besaw

    I guess there are a few duck collectors out there. My collection started about 25 years ago, but I have at least one piece that is real rare. We are starting to scale down and would like to start selling pieces to someone who would appreciate them.

  16. Maggie Avatar

    I totally love this! I collect Donald Ducks also but have a tiny collection compared to this. Thank you for sharing.

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