before & after: newborn acne

The reason I don’t photograph newborns over two weeks old (I try to stay under ten days if possible) is because 1) baby is less sleepy as each day passes and a non-sleeping baby equals a very hard baby to pose and 2) baby acne! Babies are not born with baby acne but around the ten day mark is when it tends to show up and it makes editing tricky. I have to smooth the little white bumps without making the skin look fake or too airbrushed.

This little peanut was only 7 days old but she already had a lil’ nose of white bumps. Check out this before & after. I also had to lighten up her left eye area, correct uneven skin tone and smooth some hair on the top of her head.

Check back soon for more photos from baby Alexa’s session!


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  1. Jheri Avatar

    Perfect baby snap… As always! Thanks for sharing

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