back to school | 2012

Here we are: at the very start of another school year. This year I have a little one in pre-K, a 3rd grader and a 4th grader. I have absolutely no idea where the years have gone.

I asked my kids if they wanted to go on a back-to-school shoot nearly two weeks ago (I can’t believe I’ve been sitting on these images for so long. I’ve been dying to share!) I’ll be honest and admit they are not always willing participants. Sometimes I have to bribe them and other times I have to talk through gritted teeth. It’s not always 100% sunshine and participation over here. But they agreed to this shoot so fast and it leaves me thinking that maybe, just maybe, having Mom take a billion pictures of them isn’t so bad. Many times people will joke about how many shots I take of my kids or laugh and comment on how they must be “trained” to smile so nice on cue. I’ve gotta say, laugh all you want because I must be doing something right if they’re willing to pack a crate of goodies, help me lug it to and from the car and just hang out with me for an hour in a field.

Sometimes a thought quickly flashes through me. It’s usually along the lines of “Am I crazy?” =P Yes I am a photographer so in that sense, the pictures are a no-brainer. But I am also a Mom and as a Mom to three, am I looked upon as maybe a little wacky because I take my kids out, plop them in the middle of nowhere and take 500 photos of them eating apples? In my heart, I know I’m not. It is a tiny speck of a thought every now and again though. All I know is, I’m a picture person. Whether it’s in exchange for payment or not, I have been having a long-term, heated relationship with photographs for as long as I can remember. Do you want to know why? They help me to capture fleeting moments in time, moments I will never get back. Think about the never for a second. It’s so very sad. I know fellow parents can relate. Years from now, I can look at these particular shots and remember little tiny details everyone else will have forgotten.  I’ll remember Grace and her Twinkle Toe sneakers. How she felt so special with crystal studs on her toes and begged for the light-up pair. I’ll remember Andrew laughing at his sketchbook, admiring the blue lady with the afro he drew. I’ll think about how he brought his football with him and even though we were shooting for nearly an hour, didn’t want to go home just yet. He so very badly wanted a shot of himself in the middle of the empty middle school field. My not-so-little boy feeling so grown up and special on the field lately. I’ll remember Emily telling us all about the story she read in the Guinness Book about some cat with 4 artificial limbs who grew fur over the metal. How she brought her American Girl doll with her and both of them posed in glasses which entering 4th grade, are all the rage. And I’ll remember how after the shoot wrapped, three happy kids skipped all the way to the playground and had smiles from ear-to-ear when we went home and I made them root beer floats for a job well done. I cherish every moment with my kids; the easy times and the harder ones. With this set of pictures, I will always be able to specifically look back upon our last week of Summer before they entered pre-school, 3rd and 4th grade.

There’s a lot of Miller kid cuteness posted below. Thanks for taking the time to look through everything. Good luck to all of the other kids starting school today, tomorrow, last week, etc. Be it public school, private school, homeschool… I hope everyone has an exceptional year!

To the mommies of little ones starting Kindergarten, especially if it’s your ‘baby’ that is starting or your only, an extra gentle hug for you. That will be me next year and even though it’s 365 days away, I am already dreading it.

I also made a little keepsake: 8x5x11 layouts for our Project Life album. The template for these will be available in my shop tomorrow. Make sure to check then or follow me on FB so the new releases come up in your feed.

Here they are posted individually so the text is easier to read.

Here’s hoping all of the kids have a fabulous year!


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  1. Jennifer Woodbury Avatar

    Such gorgeous photos! Love this idea… hope everybody has a great first day of school!

    1. Gina Avatar

      Thanks Jenn! Same to your girls!

  2. libbywilko Avatar

    Love love the templates and the photo shoot ! So cute.

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