out-of-office 8.11-8.17

Please note that I will be away from my lifeline (AKA my iMac) for the next week. I will be back and slowly checking e-mails the weekend of the 18th but for the most part, do not expect any response to your new client inquiries, print orders, FB messages, etc until the week of August 20th.

I know everyone wants to see a picture of my dirty, beat-up session-wearing shoes so:

I aim to please.

Why am I showing you this photo you may ask? Because every year my family gets new Minnetonka moccasins in Lake George. Last year, my Mom bought me these slippers and I have worn them almost daily. The insides aren’t fuzzy anymore, the strings are broke, they are worn through the toe… but they are one of the only things you will find on my feet during a photoshoot here. The time has come to replace these beauties and get ones that are a little easier on the eyes. Maybe I’ll splurge and get a back-up pair as well.

Now it’s off to the mountains, rivers & lakes, a mountain cabana, good food, pony rides, family and of course, moccasins.

Be well.






2 responses to “out-of-office 8.11-8.17”

  1. Tanisha Avatar

    Hope you had a great time! I am just about to order some Minnetonka slippers for my kids- do you find kid sizes run small? I found one reference to that and we can’t try them on.

    1. Gina Avatar

      Yes, we find they run at least a size small for the kids. Mine are a 10 and I wear a 10 or 11 shoe… they do feel a teensy bit snug in my toe but they stretch. For my kids though, they all went up one size. Hope that helps!

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