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Taylor was such a truly gorgeous baby. Those chubby cheeks, that black hair… a real beauty. She gave me a run for my money initially. She didn’t want to be naked. Any time I tried to uncover her, she popped her eyes right open. Mom said “It’s ok. Just photograph her in the wraps.” but I knew I wasn’t ready to give up. I uncovered her inch by inch and eventually, I got my shots. :) Thanks so much for coming to meet me Melissa, Grandma and Taylor. I had a wonderful time with you ladies!

And a storyboard to show off this beauty. Photographers: You can find this template available for purchase right HERE. Clients: This is a big, beautiful 30″ wide by 15″ tall. It makes a real statement when displayed in your home!

Well, I did it! 5 sessions Blogged in 5 days. I made a nice dent in my pile of “To Be Blogged” session folders but there are still more to come!

Have a super weekend!






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  1. Tanisha Avatar

    Oh my gosh, that first shot of her is beyond adorable! What a sweet little bundle!

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