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We  had lots of fun things take place last week/weekend as my kids get ready to finish up another school year. I thought I would share some pictures of our activities here. :)

On Tuesday, Grace had her very last dance class, thus completing her first year as a bitty ballerina / tiny tap dancer. My girls (and I) had our dance recitals Friday, Saturday and Sunday this past weekend.  A truly fun, exhausting time! Here is Grace before heading off to her last dance class for the year.

On Wednesday, my older kids had Field Day. There were 6 obstacle courses + a water break station. Here are the kids chanting “Go Gold!” before heading to school. Guess whose Mommy designed the 50th anniversary t-shirt? ;)  Every single student in the school got a blue sports bottle after field day with my design in gold on it (school colors of course). I had no idea! Now everyone owns a little piece of Gina Miller Designs in their life. ;)

This is probably my favorite shot from Field Day. Check out the thrill on Emily’s face, like she just won Olympic Gold. LOL!

My super-silly boy, always smiling.

The reason my son is the width of a stick figure is because he NEVER. STOPS. MOVING…. EVER. If he’s not jumping, he’s skipping, dancing, hopping, flying off furniture, diving off of his bed, jumping over stuff, shuffling down the hall… he has an extreme case of ants in his pants. He finished the water relay here and just decided to morph into Batman before he reached his group again.

On Thursday, Emily had her Beginning Orchestra Concert. Instead of mixing them into the bigger Spring concert that we had last month (where she sang with Chorus and played Recorder), the music department does a smaller concert for beginning orchestra (3rd grade) and beginning band (4th grade). It was quite nice. Here’s a shot of my pretty violinist.

On Friday, my son had his Living Wax Museum with the 2nd grade. Seriously so cute. All of the kids were wonderful and they really put so much thought into their speeches. Andrew was very serious about the whole thing. After all, he was made of wax. ;)  He told me the night before “I have a great idea! Since I am supposed to be a statue and I can’t blink, I’ll just blink when no one is looking”. LOL  Give him any acting role and he won’t let you down. Say hello to Abraham Lincoln!

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, my girls and I had our dance recital. Yes, me too. I dance in the Alumni class. This year we did “Miracle”, a tap number. It was so much fun and the audience kind of goes wild for us. ;)  It was super-great being backstage with my girls. I got to hang with them, help them change their costumes, bring them to my dressing room, watch them from a quiet, air conditioned seat in the curtain… lots of fun.

Here are a few dance pictures.

This is my oldest daughter in the ballet which was The Little Mermaid this year. It was great! I always enjoy watching the ballet. Emily is 8 1/2 this year and morphing into quite the dancer. I was paid many compliments on her skill this weekend. I am very proud. :)

Here are a few shots from her lyrical number, Blessings. I got teary-eyed every time I watched this dance (4 times on the stage by time the weekend wrapped) from the curtain. Little 8 and 9 year old girls performing a lift. It was one of the sweetest things I’ve seen yet. They were amazing.

(Emily helping with the bottom portion of the lift. She has the darkest hair in the front-left).
(Emily with her leg out).

Here’s a quick shot from her jazz number which was danced to Queen Latifah’s remake of Walk The Dinosaur. I had visions of being stuck in the 80’s, roller skating around United Skates of America to this. LOL! A very fun number and the costume was really cute too (and comfy. Bonus!)

(Check out those pointed toes. Go girl!)

Here is Grace as she takes the stage for the very first time. She danced to Mother’s Prayer. Do I want to cry every time I look at this photo? Yes. My little sweetheart. Look at how hard she’s concentrating.

(Grace, center)

Kinda-sorta facing the wrong way, but isn’t that one of the best parts of the 3 year old dances?

(Grace, 3rd from right)

My Grandmother has been sitting through dance recitals since 1985. :)

Miller fam. :)

My beautiful girls.

Recital flowers taking over our dining room. My son bought each of his sisters a sunflower.

Speaking of my Grandmother, she turned 93 on Friday! I knew we would be really busy running from the Wax Museum – home to change – two dress rehearsals so the night before, the kids and I decided to surprise Nanny before school the following morning. How cute is her robe? Happy Birthday Gram!

This is Grace’s last week of school. She had her Field Day today which consisted of playing outside on bouncers, earning a small ‘medal’ and having a Happy Meal for lunch with her class. :) Wednesday is her last day in class and Thursday is her Spring Concert / Moving-Up Ceremony.

The school walls are on the bare side now as projects keep getting sent home for safe-keeping. Here’s one last display by the kids. Grace didn’t make a jellyfish but I really like those. They cut a paper plate in half and covered it with colored plastic wrap. Summer craft for Grace and a friend maybe?

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I was offline most of the weekend and haven’t been on Facebook or returning e-mails. If you are waiting to hear back from me, feel free to re-send. Sometimes I lose track of contacts between my Apple trifecta of the MAC, iPad and iPhone. Don’t be afraid to reach out again. I would appreciate it. :)

I’ll be back bright and early with a post announcing the winners to my Facebook Fan Giveaway! And then it’s back to Blogging sessions and trying to keep afloat as we gear up for the last days of school and our very first family camping adventure!

Stay well.






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  1. Brandi Avatar

    These are beautiful, Gina! So impressed by the recital shots. You will have to give me some hints since I just signed up Molly to start ballet and tap this fall. So glad she’s returning to dance!

  2. carolina Avatar

    As always, love ALL your photos :p…just wondering…did you shoot with the 50mm lens or you finally got the 24-70? I don’t seem to fall in love with my 50 and definitely looking to upgrade my kit lens ;)

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