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Well, Summer vacation has officially started in the Miller household. Every year I make a Summer Fun List for my kids. It started on a small piece of oak tag a few years ago and has since become much bigger & a special part of our Summer. I promised the kids that I would reveal it today after school so I decorated the front door with a few balloons and our list.

Here’s a quick side-by-side of my older kids on the first day of the school year (L) and the last (R).

Long Island had a few days of extreme heat and we are so thankful for our pool! I took lots of pool/outdoor shots the past few days.

Lastly, I wanted to share Watermelon Pig here so I could refer back to it when needed. This guy was a treat I sent in last week to celebrate my oldest daughter’s Summer birthday with her class. He was a huge hit and quite easy to make. It just took a little time to scoop all of the melon out. I ended up filling him with the watermelon balls and red grapes.

Have a happy & healthy Summer!






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