friday before & after | long island newborn photographer

It’s been a while since I shared a before & after so I thought I would share the one I worked on last night. This adorable little cutie was 6 days old when he came to see me earlier this week. Check out his hair: those are highlights! He was gorgeous! He skin photographed a wee bit yellow, he had a scratch or two on his chubby little cheeks and that one hand he was laying on was much redder than the one underneath (as was a foot). Nothing a little Photoshop wizardry couldn’t fix. ;)

Have a super day!




2 responses to “friday before & after | long island newborn photographer”

  1. Carolina Avatar

    Amazing!! As always ;)

  2. Debra Avatar

    Gina! That hair. OMGosh. You have the *BEST* profession!

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