first holy communion & nanny

Last weekend we celebrated my son’s First Holy Communion. It was a beautiful day …for the most part. The ceremony was great. Andrew was quite the handsome picture in his little pinstripe suit. At the start of the party though, my nearly 93 year old Grandmother fell and passed out. Thankfully, my FDNY first-responder husband was there to help her, as were other medical professionals in the family. It was chaotic but we tried to keep the kids busy so they wouldn’t see Nanny on the floor or the stretcher when it was wheeled in (two thoughts went through my mind after she fell: “Find phone. Call 911”. And “Oh my God, my Grandmother just died at my son’s Communion party!”) When she came to, she joked to my father “Tell Andrew that I thought his party needed a sideshow”. That’s how we knew she was going to be ok. ;)

Grandma spent 4 days in the hospital undergoing tests. She is ok for now, but continued prayers for some uncertain test results are always welcome if you feel inclined. She came home on Wednesday and the timing was perfect. It was right after our school bus pulled up yet not before I drove Emily to dance and Andrew to lacrosse practice. I said “Hop in the car! We’re going to see Nanny!” She was so excited to see the kids but I know they were even more excited to see her and to see with their own two eyes that she was doing well.

Of course, I took a few pictures. :)

And as for those Communion shots…

(Andrew with Nanny and with his Godparents after the ceremony)

Andrew, may God continue to watch over you and shower you with blessings today and every day for the rest of your life. Love, Mom

Have an awesome weekend!






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