sean | long island cake smash photographer

Sean was such a super-cutie and I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to share his pictures! Before I get to him though, I would love to tell you about a fun little promo I am offering. Pinks and blues are very popular for cake smashes and while I love how each session looks, I am antsy to use some new colors! I am happy to report that I have added a lovely, rich violet along with a pretty leafy green to my stash of seamless papers. Check ’em out:

Like them? If you have a smash booked with me in the upcoming weeks and choose to use one of these colors, I will throw in $20 worth of prints with your package! You can’t pass that up. :) Make sure to e-mail me to take advantage of this special offer. I will leave it on the table until I get one or two takers with each color. Please note that the free prints are not being offered with any other colors at this time.

Did you have a portrait session with me in 2012 or one coming up in the next few weeks? I am going to be offering another very special promo that everyone can take advantage of. :) It will be the perfect Mother’s Day treat to yourself. Stay tuned!

And now, here is happy little Sean covered in cake. Yum!

Have a sweet day!






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