february photo challenge | part 2 of 2

I have completed the February Photo Challenge! Part 1’s set of photos (February 1st-14th) were Blogged HERE. Here is my 2nd set.

This time around, I swapped-out two prompts. :) For one, I actually took the picture, but it was pointless to me and not something I wanted in my album. On the 24th we were supposed to take a photo inside our bathroom cabinet. I took two actually, but again, silly. So I swapped it out for a picture of our Puggle patiently waiting her turn at the vet. I thought that was cute. I also never got around to photographing handwriting which seems easy enough but it was something I had done with the November challenge. I ended up with a really good picture of some blueish black clouds while the kids and I were running errands so I used that (20th).

If you are interested in starting your own photo project, you can find a list of fun March prompts HERE. Are you on Instagram? If so look for me there under the very clever, very tricky name of: ginamiller =P  I know. My creativity knew no bounds on that one.

One quick tip I can offer is this: do a quick screenshot of the monthly photo prompts so you have them stored on your phone. You aren’t going to remember what each prompt is at a moment’s notice so this is a good way to have them handy and be able to check on the go. I screenshot them on my iPad too, just in case the daily photo is something I can capture on there (February’s Day 26 comes to mind…)

Day 15: Phone

iPhone on my iPad actually. :)

Day 16: Something New

New yarn for some baby hats.

Day 17: Time

I waited all day for this specific time to roll around. 3:25pm ~ the time my kids’ school lets out and subsequently, the start of a gloriously week off for Winter Break!

Day 18: Drink

Daily dose.

Day 19: Something You Hate To Do

It’s not so much that I hate doing laundry (I hate when these baskets start to fill up however…) I just hate how often I have to do it.

Day 20: Sky

Really deep, dark black clouds with blue skies ahead.

Day 21: Favorite Photo Of You

Taken April 12th 2003. Obviously, our wedding day. This was taken right on the water and it was so windy!

Day 22: Where I Work

Well, this is part of my “office”. :) If I am not shooting, I am either A- editing pictures here B- designing graphics here or C- probably wasting an obscene amount of time on Facebook or Pinterest. When interrogated, I will tell you I am doing lots of  A & B.

Day 23: My Shoes

I had no idea that when I took this shot, the daily prompt was ‘shoes’. It was breezy but nice out so I decided to go outside for a run.

Day 24: Pet

In the rain, the kids and I brought Sadie to the vet for updated shots. Here she sits, patiently waiting…

Day 25: Green

Our house is pretty crazy over the Muppets. I couldn’t believe that I found a really cute Kermit doll on Ebay for $3.99. Even though we already have a Kermit, I knew I had to buy him. He came shipped in the box just like this.

Day 26: Night

My new book. Not for the faint of heart…!

Day 27: Something I Ate

Broiled grapefruit.

Day 28: Money

A stack of bills sitting in my drawer that I need to give to my parents. Usually the Christmas before a Disney trip, my brothers and I chip-in and book a nice meal for my parents sans kids during our vacation. This year they have a reservation at California Grill.

Day 29: Listening To…

What I always put on during a newborn shoot. Today’s shoot lasted 4 hours so I listened to this on repeat. A lot.

And now for my fave, fave, fave part of a photo project: compiling the shots all together (this was the best part of doing P365 in 2009 & 2010)! This is a 12×12 and will go into my Project Life album.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!






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