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I did pretty good with my self-imposed design goals this weekend. I caught up on, Blogged and scrapped my February challenge photos and caught up on four Project Life pages!

Week 8 used many of my cards (all of which can be found here). The hand-drawn arrow is by Amy.  Week 9 uses cards by Lili and Kate and baker’s twine by Amy. Can you tell I love my fellow Pad designers? :) The app square is just a screenshot from iTunes.

No new observations this time around. The only tip I will continue to stress is to keep little doodled cards close by (mine are index cards on my desk). Referring to their little notes and dates is a lifesaver when I sit to put these pages together each week.

p.s. Scanned artwork continues to make me happy.

week 8, left side:

week 8, right side:

week 8, side-by-side:

week 9, left side:

week 9, right side:

week 9, side-by-side:

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  1. Rocio Pineyro Avatar
    Rocio Pineyro

    Oh Gina! I really miss your personal blog…your kids are growing up so fast!! They’re awsome! Greetings from Mexico!! Rocio

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