february photo challenge | part 1 of 2

You may remember when I did my iPhone/Instagram photo challenge back in November (you can find those entries HERE). I had a lot of fun with the project and loved my collection of photos at the end of the month. I am doing another project for the month of February and as always, allowing myself to tweak the prompts as necessary. For the most part, I am following Fat Mum Slim’s list of prompts which can be found HERE. I am breaking up my posts on the Blog into two entries: February 1st-14th and the 15th-29th. In this first time frame, I swapped three prompts: the 4th, 8th and 12th. I don’t need another shot of the inside of my closet (it was in the November prompts), I mostly don’t enjoy taking photos of the sun with my iPhone and I have no interest in taking a picture of a stranger. I have relabeled my daily prompts below. :)

I am looking forward to creating a simple page featuring all 29 photos at the end of the month. It will go into my Project Life album.

Day 1: My View

Slight cheat. This was taken on the 31st of January. It was my view after a 2 1/2 hour newborn shoot which is actually great time! I love when I am all done shooting, all of my blankets, baskets, hats and other props have been put away (takes a good while!) and I can just sit and breathe for a few minutes. Newborn shoots can be stressful because you don’t know how baby is going to like being moved and how sleepy they are going to be. I definitely breathe a sigh of relief and de-stress when I wrap one up.

Day 2: Words

A really cute poem Grace came from from school with. It was attached to a pink paper mug of hot chocolate and there was a packet of cocoa taped to the back.

Day 3: Hands

My son writing out his spelling homework. Only when I took this did I realize just how he holds his pen. I tried telling him it looked really uncomfortable but I am not one to talk. I hold my pen totally wrong and have really neat handwriting. We are always complimenting him on his handwriting so I am leaving this alone.

Day 4: Rainbow

Gracie can always be found walking around with her chunky beads on.

Day 5: 10am

Mmm…. Trix!

Day 6: Dinner

Homemade pizza rolls using dough straight from the pizzeria. So, so good!

Day 7: Button

My Bee, sitting unused after a shoot.

Day 8: Soft

We have tons of sock monkeys in this house! This traditionally colored one is Andrew’s.

Day 9: Front Door

Sparkly heart!

Day 10: Self Portrait

Self-explanatory. :)

Day 11: Makes Me Happy

Books! Although nowadays, I’ve been reading most of my books via iBooks or my Kindle app. This is the stack I keep on my nighttable: always the 4 Twilight books (thicker, yellowed ones) and that is The Hunger Games on the top.

Day 12: Routine

For someone who used to always owe at least $15 in late fines per library trip, we sure have been going there a lot lately! Grace and I have a new routine: at least twice a week we visit the library. She plays while I search for books for the kids. This is Grace’s current stack. We are on a pig family kick; creepy books from when I was a kid that contain a bad wolf.

Day 13: Blue

Emily’s backpack after school. I thought the rainbow sticker was cute. :)

Day 14: Heart

Stitched 1″ paper heart garland I’ve been using in a few shoots.

Happy Valentine’s Day!






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  1. Vicky Avatar

    Hello Gina.I admire all your work.I love your digital products and your project life layouts.Please write a post about how you manage to do so many things during the day while being a mother of three,a wife and a working gal?I’m astonished!I’m sure you’re fully organized and have your day planned out perfectly.I’m planning on moving to New York in spring and I would love to have a photo session with you.

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