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I could get used to the way I spent the last few days around here: sleeping-in, hanging in sweatpants, reading at my leisure and working on art projects!

I saw this cute idea and pinned it twice on Pinterest. I knew I had to find a small chunk of time for this one. It was really easy to put together and a great way to save our photo cards that we received this year.

All you need are some binder rings (please make no mention of the fact that mine are a very un-Christmasy purple), a hole punch, a thin Sharpie, some supplies to design a quick cover and of course, your stack of cards!

First I rounded the corners of allllll of our photo cards because like I’ve said before, I’m obsessed. Then I designed a cover. I didn’t measure it out and figured some of the larger cards would peek out here and there but what do you know, I designed a cover that ended up being perfectly sized and even the largest card fit inside. (I also added a plain black cardstock back cover just to give the book a little protection).

Two patterned papers, Thickers, glue dots ~ done! The only thing I need to do is go back an add the year. I didn’t have any numeric stickers I liked enough. The sparkly gold ones I bought just for this project didn’t pop enough on my patterned paper cover.

After my cover was done, I randomly punched two holes on the left edge. Then I laid all of the photo cards underneath, one by one, and used a thin Sharpie to mark off where I would need to punch.

I put the largest cards in the back and then added the rest at random. Some small mixed between some tall, and others wider. Very mish-mashed and quirky!

And just a few more shots of the inside. I really like that we can see the back of the cards now, something we couldn’t when they were hanging in our living room. My husband went through the book last night and commented on a few new 2nd-side pictures he hadn’t seen before.

I started the mini album with our very own family’s card which you’ll notice blurred in the background below. I have each year saved and never do anything with them. Into the book it goes!

Family & friends, thank you for sending along your beautiful greetings this year! For once, I can assure you that they are being appreciated after the holiday season has passed us by.







5 responses to “mini scrapbook | pinterest project”

  1. Diane E Avatar
    Diane E

    LOVE this idea so much. What a great way to display and enjoy the cards! And yours came out beautifullly! Guess I need to go find my paper rounder?!! I have no idea where all my old scrapbooking supplies are! HA! Thanks for sharing G! Happy New Year to the Miller clan!! xoxoxoxo

  2. Lori B Avatar
    Lori B

    This is BRILLIANT!!!! I wish I could drop everything else right this minute and go make this!!! My stacks of Christmas cards from years past will now become special little books – HOW cool! I’m also going to put my own card at the front, to have it for each year.

    THANK YOU for the awesome inspiration!

  3. Dani Avatar

    I never do anything with the cards we receive either – what a nice idea this is! For our own card, since I usually do a yearly photobook (though I am very behind and currently working on 2009), and I will do a page devoted to our Christmas card and display all sides of it. And then it’s always there in our album – makes me feel good to have a way to display it after all the work that goes into creating it!!

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