michael anthony | long island cake smash photographer

Michael Anthony, or Mikey, came to visit me with his cute Mommy and firefightin’ Daddy last week. What an adorable little man! Cake Smashes truly are the funniest things and my favorite sessions to shoot. Many Moms and Dads swear their kid will love cake and I just smile and politely remind them that they may in fact, not. LOL! (Luckily that wasn’t an issue with Michael). Think about it: A) They have probably never had anything this sweet before or in such a large amount. B) They probably don’t use utensils that often at home. It makes me smile when I hand them a small spoon and they hold it upside down. C) If they were to get this messy at home during mealtime, chances are you would be wiping them down ASAP and D) They don’t know they can actually EAT the cake. This happens a lot. I am telling you, theres nothing like a Cake Smash to brighten my day. :)

Back to Mikey: He was so super-smiley and such a good little guy. His Dad really wanted him to rip into this thing which was fun. That’s when the cake got separated into two halves. :)

Kerri, I hope you guys enjoy these pictures! Thanks so much for coming over to play with some cake!

Going right in with both hands…






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