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I found myself saying “Do not lose your mind. Do not lose your mind.” over and over as I re-worked my cover page this morning. Easier said than done right? =P

I was planning on ordering my first week or two of cards from Persnickety Prints and was going to re-order my cover cards anyway. In the past few days I’ve seen a few cover pages that begin with the 6×12 page protector and I thought “I like that”. Then as if by some fortunate twist of scrap fate, Cathy Zielske offered a freebie on her Blog today and I just adore her clean and graphic approach to things, even if it’s not something I can pull off easily.

I created a very simple cover sheet pulling from the colors in our clothing. However, this left the photo of the five of us sitting on the blanket a bit too yellow and when I swapped it for a black and white copy, the entire page felt too drab. I ended up taking a cue from one of Cathy’s 4×6 cards and traded Grace’s black and white picture in (even though I *adore* that shot of her!) for a color version so we could get more of that awesome plum-colored sweater. Sold! I finally love this enough to be like “Hey Blog friends. Here is my cover page. Yet again.” =P

Since I obviously don’t have the reprints yet, I am sharing my mock-up that I created in Photoshop this morning. Which honestly, I like a heck of a lot better than taking a photo of something in plastic with glare. But I digress.

The left plum patterned side is a separate 6×12 sleeve. Then when you open that up…

I think somebody should hold my album for me under lock and key because this is going to be one looooong project if I am redoing pages on day 4! Photoshop and time is a dangerous combination in my world. :)







4 responses to “cover page | project life”

  1. Ang Avatar

    Ugh! Now I want those half-pages too! LOL It’s really, really great. I liked the first version a lot but I love this one!

  2. Nicole LeBlanc Avatar

    Yep, totally cute! Love the change. I will have to check out Cathy’s blog!
    My PL stuff shipped today. Maybe I’ll have by Friday?

  3. Tanisha Avatar

    Cute! Love it!!

  4. Alicia Avatar

    Hi Gina! Just stumbled upon you recently and love your style. I have been exclusively digiscrapping for a few years and am also doing 100% digi PL!Guess what else…I live on Long Island to in Massapequa. It is so nice to “meet” you. Keep up the good work!

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