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There. I said it.

Last post about this. Swear it. Until 3 days from now.


I hope.

I knew all along this was going to happen. What can I say except that I apparently enjoy torturing myself for a few weeks before making a final decision.

Who knew I was going to eventually say “Project Life, 100% digital!” by week 3? C’mon. I secretly did.

I used to paper scrap. I had every gadget known to man and I lived in a much smaller space than I do now. I was over-the-moon when I stumbled on digital scrapbooking and realized I didn’t have to live amongst scrapbooking tools anymore. Well if I am being honest, those weren’t my initial thoughts at first. At first glance I thought digital scrapbooking would be cold, sterile and lifeless. I was so happy to be so wrong. I have been a digital scrapper since 2005 and I have never once looked back.

Sure I enjoy the occasional hybrid project. Make that very occasional. I thought maybe I would enjoy it for Project Life 2012 but at every turn it looks like I was making this a digital project despite my best efforts for it to be otherwise.

Lets investigate this theory further:

Exhibit A: I was using overlays on my photos. Not that this has to be a sign that you are digital but it’s another Photoshop step. Exhibit B: I was arranging all of my journaling cards in Photoshop and then printing. Exhibit C: I was creating digital mock-ups for the Blog. Why? Because I like making added work for myself as is now apparent. And I like working in Photoshop. Please see Exhibits A & B. I even went so far as to journey back to 2009 and begin to scrap those daily photos in digital format. Finally last night I had an epiphany of sorts. It involved sending my husband out for a mocha frapp with lots of whip because I was craving A- chocolate and B- whip and then sitting at my computer to finally come to terms with what I was trying to push aside for the past 2 weeks:

Project Life 2012 shall be digital. The end.

I really mean it this time…!

And then I decided to throw all caution to the wind, re-do my cover page and the first two weeks and finally, put my fears aside and Blog about it one last time, even though by now you are probably laughing (or eyerolling) at my crazy ways. Hopefully if you are a potential client, you have either just decided that me being all over the creative board makes me artistic and fun or with any hope, not stumbled across this entry all together. *fingerscrossed*

So this is what I am doing in case you are still reading, still interested, still my friend despite my flawed brain and it’s inability to make a darn decision:

I am still creating these layouts 12×12. This is new to me since I am an 8×8 scrapper but I am really enjoying this larger size and since these layouts contain lots of pics and lots of journaling, 12×12 it is.

I am using Valorie Wibbens’ Pocket 3 protector. I did turn down the opacity of the plastic sleeve to 70%. I don’t want to detract from the photos plus these will be printed and slipped into 12×12 sleeves for my album, so the less on top of the photos the better.

Originally I was only using a handful of my designs to journal on each week. But once I made the decision to press on 100% digitally last night, I went back to the Pad and loaded up on all sorts of fun cards. Now I’m excited to not hold back and really use all of the digital tools available. I’ll link up as needed. I even changed some journaling cards on my original pages which you can see below. For some reason my brain wanted to categorize doing a paper album as cleaner and digital as filled with more color and overall “stuff”. I think that’s just because this medium is much more comfortable to me after all of these years.

This isn’t to say I am not still going to pull from my ginormous stash of digital supplies, because I most certainly am, but I decided to start a folder simply labeled PROJECT LIFE. Inside are all of the every day sort of supplies I could see myself pulling from most often. Here’s a little peek inside that folder.

Uh basically, I like collecting journaling cards.

I am going to print my pages through my lab, WHCC. I originally was attempting to save a few bucks by printing my 4x6s through Persnickety Prints because I did like their quality but I can’t stand the wait time. WHCC takes 2 days to reach my door. I’ll splurge weekly and order my two layouts. I am always ordering prints for clients anyway so I know I am constantly getting WHCC orders at my door either way. Might as well have a Project Life page or two in there for me.

I am still going to add ‘real’ stuff here and there. I have scanned in my kids artwork in the past and those have always printed great. I can go that way or create a sleeve since I do have page protectors here, sitting unused as it is (along with an entire Amber core kit). I might want to scan in or actually include real theater or movie tickets. Am I going to miss the ability to add in more paper ephemera weekly? No. I did think that was an interesting selling point originally but I know myself. I am much more apt to pick a cute digital card and include neat type than scribble on a french fry wrapper. I think that’s awesome if you can pull that off but I embrace my wacky, OCD qualities where everything ends up at perfect angles and neat type and stuff like that just never ends up coming to fruition with me.

And just in case you’re still with me, still interested, some of the reasons I just could not get into paper were:

I need instant gratification. Digital scrapbooking has always afforded me this luxury. As of today, I still have not received my print order containing Week 1’s pictures, and we are in the middle of Week 3. This makes me itchy and antsy and I feel like I am falling behind even though I am not. But if I am going to do this and stay on top of it weekly as I have been, I want to get everything into my album in a timely fashion.

I don’t love my printer. I confess that I may have bought it strictly because of it’s color. Who wouldn’t love a cheery cherry red printer? It’s a Canon and it’s not my favorite. So printing at home really isn’t an option because I won’t spend time on photos and journaling cards and not love the prints. And yes, I have tried instant gratification by way of Target and CVS one hour photo and the quality just is not there.

I don’t want to buy paper supplies. Been there. Done that. I don’t have the room. I don’t have the time. I really don’t even have the desire to start embellishing this stuff. So if I am going to only lightly embellish in Photoshop and print, I can’t even call that a hybrid anything. It’s a digital something, printed and that’s where I left off yesterday when I said I was confused and didn’t know what I was (in the Project Life sense. I’ve got a pretty good handle on myself otherwise.) So in that respect, I would rather just embellish in Photoshop, maybe even more so than I have been, and treat it like a mini layout, something I know I am good at and enjoy creating.

So that’s that. From Week 3 forward, I am 100% digital. I figure hey, Week 3 isn’t so bad. At least I didn’t figure this out at Week 50. Because I could see myself doing that too. =P

Here is my digital book so far. And yes, once these arrive by week’s end from my lab and I hopefully get them into some page protectors, I will certainly take a Nikon shot so you can see how these look in real life, not just coming right out of Photoshop.

(p.s. Photoshop, I love you. I wasn’t sure if I told you that today yet).

Cover Page (plus a 6×12 page over this with our last name on it, remember?)

Week 1, left side:

Week 1, right side:

Week 1 side-by-side:

Week 2, left side:

Week 2, right side:

Week 2 side-by-side:

I’m happy now. :) Promise! Times infinity. No takebacksies.

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21 responses to “100% digital | project life”

  1. Susie Avatar

    LMAO! DId you see my comment on your last entry. I am also going 100% digital. The thought of doing all this work to plan the layout and then have to print it all is just not for me. I am working on collecting my little PL stash. Let us know if you find any must haves out in the digi world. What are you going to do with all those sheet protectors ;0) Can you exchange them for the full sheet ones?

  2. Cinzia Loosemore Avatar

    I love love your pages! Great job!

  3. Melissa Ives Avatar
    Melissa Ives

    I honestly don’t blame you a bit. Embrace it! You are a digital girl 100%! I love your Project 2012. It’s beautiful! Have you tried MPixPro for quick turnaround? I’ve been pretty pleased so far, although there are mixed reviews. I ordered some last minute stuff from them around Christmas and had everything on time and looked beautiful. I do like WHCC too though, especially their albums. I was intrigued by your project and went to Becky Higgins’ site. I found that there were Project Life Shutterfly albums and am going back and doing 2011 in three month increments. I’m not crazy about Shutterfly’s quality, but my kids love the albums. Anyway…love your work! Can’t wait to see more!

  4. Amy Avatar

    It’s so funny you went digital because I kept looking at your spreads for inspiration on my own (digital) layouts. I tried to do paper last year and gave up and just put all the photos in a blurb album. This year, I decided that I was going to do it again – but digital this time. I knew I would enjoy it so much more. And, I have! No stress about waiting around for prints to complete layouts. Seems so much easier.

  5. Heather M Avatar

    Ok so now that you’ve gone digital, I’ll buy your page protectors!!!! LOL Its funny because I have all of my photos, journaling cards and binder ready and NO pages! I’m using Costco for my prints and I get them in an hour no matter what. I live two minutes away so its great for me. I want the “most popular” pages so that is why I’m left page-less for now. Glad you went digital…you are SO good at it – you should! I however, am excited to something tangible with Sam :)

  6. heather prins Avatar
    heather prins

    Agreed! I too am all digital and I even convinced my daughter to let me teach her digital so she would have to do paper. It makes more sense I think when you are downloading word art and messing with your photos etc. anyway. Plus digital is way more fun to play with and who needs those french fry wrappers anyway!

  7. Amy Jazwinski Avatar

    It’s scary how much I identify with your process from paper to digi. I did the exact same thing, only a few weeks earlier!

  8. Sarah Avatar

    I just stared at it on Becky’s website for a couple of weeks. Paper… do I really want to go back to PAPER? Printing photos before I can do anything? Have to find room to work? NOT be able to resize an element? O_O I loved the look of how they were turning out for everyone, but man… I couldn’t bring myself to do it. So I realized, my paper days are truly over (except for Smash books, which are almost supply-less… just writing and little pictures with a sticky backing from my polaroid zink printer). Thank you so much for posting those page protectors. That is exactly what my pages are needing. Badly! :D I am going to go back and add them to weeks 1 and 2. http://squaregoods.me/?p=3336
    Loving your work. I’m glad you went digi with it. <3

  9. tammy b Avatar
    tammy b

    lol, i seem to collect journaling cards as well!

  10. Jheri Avatar

    I was just going to print out my photos at the end of the year, that’s why I was adding journaling to the actual photo so I could remember what was what.
    I miss scrapping, but after looking at your pages I think you’ve shown me that I could combine the photos with this and maybe that might help with my craving!
    Thanks again… for helping me spend my money and see the win win situation… :):)

  11. Ang Avatar

    I knew you would! LOL AND I don’t blame you one bit! I was definitely tempted!

  12. Kimberlee/Scrapsandsass Avatar

    Oh, Gina… these are just perfect. I think you have made a great choice, and your pages are sheer inspiration. Love them!!!

  13. Ann-Marie Avatar

    LOL – and who could blame you! It’s all about simplicity in the end too … thx also for the tips on the digi page protectors also. Love the look of your PL :)

  14. amber Avatar

    Gina! you totally made me laugh!! love it and I do adore your pages!

  15. Nicole LeBlanc Avatar

    I can totally relate! I bought all the physical stuff and just kept going back to digital! It’s hard to go back once you’ve gone digital!

  16. Krisi Avatar

    Excited that you went all digital. I am doing my PL all digital as well, although I will be printing mine into a book probably 1/2 way through the year and then the other half in another one.

    I am going to add a linky party to my blog on Tuesday when I post my layouts for people to link up digital layouts as I love to see what other people are doing digital with the PL.

    BTW I have some of your journaling cards and love them.

  17. marieta Avatar

    Awesome!! And now I am super jealous because I totally want to copy this but I am a total slacker in the photo department… but all these digital goodies are too much to resist. Looks like I’m going shopping this weekend, good thing there’s a sale at the lilypad ;)

  18. libbywilko Avatar

    Think you’ve convinced me to go digital as well ! Just sorted my templates now and looking at the project life digital version of Clementine mixed with a bunch of GREAT journaling cards there seems to be out there ! I <3 journaling cards… you never know I might win some from the lilypad wishes the other day :) So a big THANK YOU for your inspirational PL posts.

  19. Beth Avatar

    Thank you! This totally solidified my thinking. I am so digital but I have been trying to work with the paper and I’m just not happy. I am too spoiled with the immediate gratification of digital downloads. :-) I am planning on using the Design A protectors when they come in because I like to print at home. If I wait to send for page prints, it isn’t going to happen. I know me. I’m going to treat each pocket as a mini layout. Off to check out all the fun supplies at the Lilypad!

  20. Leeann Hadgis Avatar
    Leeann Hadgis

    Thank you for this post…I consider myself a digital scrapbooker but when I discovered Project Life I just couldn’t decide how to proceed. You made me remember why I love digital so much. Project Life will be 100% digital for me, too! Love your designs…I’m off to The Lilypad now!

  21. Chris H Avatar
    Chris H

    I’m going all digital in 2013 and I absolutely LOVE the templates you use. I like overlays too but the rounded edges of the templates I have don’t make it look nice when you drop a photo into it that has a hard edge…these templates allow you to do both! Just like the real page protectors. Glad I came across this blog!

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