the ongoing shennanigans of buddy the elf | vol. 4

It’s important to note that since I last posted about Buddy’s current antics, he was a semi-finalist in a mischievous elf contest! I follow The Elf On The Shelf’s FB page and saw a call for photo submissions at random one day so I sent one over. Then I forgot all about it until a friend said “I voted for Buddy!” and linked him up on my Wall. By George, there he was. One of the 50 semi-finalists in some crazy contest! The photo I entered was of Buddy in the fridge hanging out with a polar bear wearing a blue jacket & fur (check vol. 3’s photos). We did pretty good in the contest! There were a few entries that LIKE-wise (which was how you cast your vote) left us in the dust. The kids were so excited about the possibility of winning an elf prize package. It didn’t happen, but like I said to them, how many people can say their elf was a semi-finalist in a Christmas contest?

Here’s what Buddy has been up to this past week.

This was after a rough night flying to and from the North Pole. Elves need a caffeine fix every now & again too you know.

“Make that a grande triple-shot peppermint mocha with whip. And do you have any brownie cake pops?”

The miniature orange sock monkey is my coffee monkey. I really don’t know why. Emily likes to tell me I stole him from her. I might have. But now he sits in my K-cup carousel and watches over my coffees like a hawk. monkey.

Buddy has also been spotted in my girls’ room playing Emily’s violin.

“Let me just rosin up my bow and play a little “Devil Went Down To Georgia” for you”.

You thought I was going to say something from Johann Sebastian Bach and not Charlie Daniels didn’t you?

“I bet a fiddle of gold against your soul, ‘cos I think I’m better than you.”

And then there was the morning the kids woke to find Buddy going over some very detailed flight plans from the North Pole with our reindeer. Emily said “It looks like he got that from Google Earth. I bet he did!”

Buddy, the felt pantsuit-wearing, sugar-loving, coffee-drinking, violin-playing, Google expert.

This morning, the kids woke laughing as they discovered Buddy had turned them into red-nosed reindeer in their sleep.

“Huh? Wasn’t me…”

I also have photographic evidence of Buddy hanging upside down from the top of my stove with 3 bottles of opened sprinkles below him. I would post it, but there are grease splatters all over my black stove and while I am sure you can appreciate that this makes me look real and human and like a woman who does her fair share of cooking, I cannot appreciate the glaring fact that I am behind on Windexing and polishing my stove top. So use your imagination for that one.

Something fun with that set-up though: When the kids weren’t looking, I stuck Buddy’s hand into one of the sprinkle jars. Of course they thought Buddy moved and tried to eat some sprinkles! The next day he left a note:

Those sprinkles looked mighty tasty yesterday. I couldn’t resist trying to eat a few when you all left the kitchen. Mainly because the blood was rushing to my head all day and I was feeling faint. Remind me never to do THAT again.


I have a nice handful of assorted Christmas shots I will try to Blog soon. I’ve been checking things off my holiday photo checklist too. Today though, we’re switching from Christmas mode to birthday mode as we celebrate my nephew’s 1st birthday. Can’t wait to surprise him with our gift!

Have a lovely weekend!







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  1. Marilyn Avatar

    Cannot stop laughing over the Google Earth comment!!!

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