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Just kidding. I won’t go there just yet. I know the turkey gets angry if we bring in Santa during his month. But in a photographer’s world, we need to celebrate the holidays a bit early to get photos done for our clients! I don’t really share many holiday pictures publicly because A) many clients wish to keep them as a surprise for their Christmas card and B) I just get so swamped with shoots this time of year that I literally have no time to Blog them and when I finally do oh, in say, mid-January, I am so over trees, glittery ornaments and jolly fat men in red velvet suits. I do, however, have one Christmas shot that I want to share this morning and since this is gearing up to be my busiest week of 2011 (<– I bolded it just to make it sound as scary as possible.), I figured it was a good time to post. I have 8 shoots this week. 9 if one of my newborns decides to make their entrance. I am quietly hyperventilating inside. I just keep telling myself that strong coffee is what I am headed for when the going gets tough this week and next. Starbucks is going to LOVE me.

Charlie, 4 months old and sound asleep in a miniature bed waiting for Santa. And in case you’re wondering what happened to that delicious platter of miniature Keebler Fudge cookies, Grace and I ate them post-shoot.

Have an awesome day!






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  1. Debra Avatar

    Stop it Gina. Stop it right now. Too much cute.

    Lovin’ your ‘Thankful’ photos!

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