gianna | long island newborn photographer

Gianna holds the record for my longest newborn shoot to date.  I know her Mom isn’t crazy about her owning that title but I’m happy to say that we made it work.  This little lady just wanted to stay awake and be 100% alert & bright-eyed during her first photoshoot but in the end, the photographer won. ;)

You’ve met Gianna once before on Halloween. Here are a few more peeks into our time together.

And at the very end, Gianna made all 4 hours worth it when she cracked a smile!

D family – thanks for your patience, props and pizza! I hope you guys had fun. :)

To all popping-in, have an awesome weekend! *waves*






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  1. Danielle Avatar

    Thanks again G! I am a little behind ordering my pictures but I did get a few on the wall and laugh everytime I pass them at how long she stayed up that day! Can’t wait to do a family shoot soon. Joey is still talking about all the cool toys at your house!

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