30 day photo challenge | part 1 of 6

I thought I would Blog my gratitude photos every 5 days. That will make six Blog posts on this project and bring me right into December where I’ll either be doing a December Daily via Instagram or just documenting daily life with a Christmas elf. =P

In case you aren’t sure what’s going on here, this is basically just a fun photo project for the month of November. Some people Facebook their daily gratitude every day. I, along with plenty of others, are choosing to do this via photos. I am taking all of mine with my iPhone. Yup, even the photographer needs a break every once in a while. ;)

Day 1: Favorite Food

Maybe this isn’t technically a food but it’s definitely a favorite! And fitting for my first photo because I totally forgot that Starbucks releases their holiday drinks the day after Halloween. Peppermint Mocha, yum yum yum!

Day 2: Smile

My youngest. Can you hear her laughing from where you sit?

Day 3: Happiness

Christmas stockings at Target make me happy. Yes, even in early November. If money wasn’t an object and I didn’t need five of them, I would get new stockings every year. I’m thinking about getting some colorful, chunky sweater-like ones for us this year. Maybe. Just thinking about it. Ok quick, talk me out of it!

Day 4: Leaves

Our leaves turned late this year. We finally have beautiful multicolored leaves lining our streets and blanketing the ground. This is one of the blocks I run down. In fact, I went for a run when I snapped this photo. This is a great time of year to be a runner in New York!

Day 5: Morning Sky

I took this as we were driving over the Throgs Neck Bridge this morning on our way to Mystic, Connecticut for family photos. We had gorgeous weather and pure blue skies. Not a cloud in sight.

Day 6 is coincidentally ‘book’ and that’s exactly what I am planning to curl up in bed with as soon as I publish this entry. Guess you’ll have to wait a few days to see what I am reading. ;) I started it in the car today during our road trip and am really enjoying it so far!

Hopefully everyone is having a beautiful weekend!






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